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Silver Cross Kensington

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stephx Tue 17-May-16 10:33:59

I have my heart set on a silver cross Kensington, and was just wondering if anyone can give me any reviews on it? I have searched online but there aren't many on this pram. Im hoping it will fit in the boot of my jeep but just wanting to see if anyone has one that can tell me what its like, how easy it is to move around and also to put in the car. I went to the pram centre but they didn't have any display models so we are having to wait a while before we can actually see one to even give it a wee test drive. THanks

pancakehead Sun 29-May-16 22:02:13

I had a Kensington for DD1 in 2010 bought brand new. I loved it! However it was my walking pram - I walked loads with it and enjoyed it so much. We only put it in her car once and it was a total pain in the arse! It's sooo heavy!! I went on to use it for DD2 then 'traded it in' for a pre loved balmoral for DS which I am going to have to put away soon as he's two next month sad If you love it have it as I say 'you don't push a pram for very long so you might as well push the one you really want' downsides are that I don't think it's practical to go in and out of the car due to its weight and the risk of scratching it. It also needs oiled frequently and needs 'dried off' when you come in form the rain so it doesn't go rusty. If you can afford to buy another pram/buggy for the car that could work or alternatively go for the silver cross sleepover?

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