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Joolz Geo owners- please help...!!

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Bellasima20 Wed 11-May-16 15:07:51

Hi all have got the Joolz geo but am seriously disappointed to now discover there is the 1 frame for the top seat option meaning if and when I need to use for my newborn with just carrycot/storage option there is the unbelievable faff of unzipping/disconnecting carrycot from under frame, taking top seat material off, and TRYING to reconnect seat material to the upper frame. Why would they do this to parents?? WHY?!

After wasting an hour, multiple attempts I am no nearer to seeing how it works, the carrycot material just wont zip/attach to upper seat frame as its too small and there is a huge gap at end the zip just wont budge around, meaning a 10cm gap the seat is not connected to frame. i was left with bleeding hands and in tears... please someone explain it to me.

Really regretting ordering this now, parents need to just unfold buggy, click in seat(s)and go- not waste at least 10 mins a time in un-attaching entire seat material??

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