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Could anyone help? Pushchair for autistic toddler

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Lilicat1013 Sat 30-Apr-16 10:43:44

I remember this section of Mumsnet being extremely knowledgable when I brought my pushchair so I was hoping someone could possibly help.

I have come to the realisation I need buy a new pushchair for my son, he turned three in January and is autistic. Although he walks well he uses his current pushchair as a place to feel secure and it allows us to keep him safe as he intentionally hurt himself by banging his head on hard surfaces.

He has a cheap umbrella fold one currently which is really falling apart and I would like to get him something more suited to his needs. In an ideal world that would be something where he could feel quite enclosed, with a large hood sides and support for his whole legs rather than just a good rest. A lot of jogging pushchairs seem to provide this but I am not sure which ones would be suitable as he grows. Ideally we are looking for something to last the next year or two so he could be close to five and still needing it.

When he is school age we will reconsider our options and either invest in a Maclaren Major or other pushchair specifically designed for disabled children or have helped him find another way to feel safe.

The other part that makes like difficult is we don't have much of a budget right now so we would be ideally looking for something second hand from eBay.

If anyone could help or just has any experience of pushchairs which fit older children that would be much appreciated.

Fairylea Sat 30-Apr-16 10:47:37

Off the top of my head you could look at these special needs ones -

Special tomato
Advanced mobility
Mountain buggy special needs

Obviously there's the Maclaren major as you know but the special tomato eio or jogger are the best ones with a very large hood.

Lots of people with larger toddlers use out n about nippers - normal larger buggies with big hoods for a cocoon feeling. Baby jogger elites are also similar.

If budget is an issue consider applying to Family Fund for a grant - or caused children or your local carers charity (job centre will probably be able to give you details). Family fund and cauldwell children can be found by googling.

TornNotTorn Sat 30-Apr-16 10:49:02

We got an old style Mountain Buggy Terrain from Gumtree last month for a bargainous £25. I wasnt too sure how I'd like the fixed front wheel, but it's so expertly balanced it's easy to manoeuvre with my four year old sat in it. You used to be able to but footrest extenders for a larger child too. My 8 yo is autistic and I think if he could fit he'd find happy sanctuary in it! If your ds has sensory issues, I'd really recommend getting a protect a bub/shade a babe thingy to make it a bit darker and more enclosed for him. Older mountain buggies don't seem to be too expensive secondhand, and seem to be build like tanks so are pretty indestructible. It's worth asking sellers who state collection only if they're willing to post, sending via Parcelforce is less than £20.

Lilicat1013 Sat 30-Apr-16 12:22:34

Thank you so much for the suggestions, the details of other special needs pushchairs were helpful, the Tomato one looks great for him but I want to wait a while before going for an actual special needs pushchair to see how he does. If when he gets a bit older and the situation is still similar we will look in to those (thank you for mentioning organisations that can help with money).

I will look in to the Baby Jogger Elite, Out n About Nipper and also check on eBay for Mountain Buggies.

The push chair sun shade is a great idea, I forgot about those. I had one at one point for my older son but he ripped off anything that was covered the pushchair so I never bothered getting one for the younger one. I think that would make him feel much safer, he just likes to hide.

My older son is also autistic but they are very different, so we are dealing with a lot of new things for the little one.

jenniuol Sat 30-Apr-16 12:28:42

My son was 3 in Feb and has autism. He still needs a buggy and will do for some time. Towards the end of last year we bought the baby jogger and it's been great. Massive hood, loads of room for him and he's quite tall for his age too. I can see it lasting easily more than another year. I wish it had a bigger basket but apart from that it's been great.

Adultingishard Sat 30-Apr-16 12:38:58

I bought one just like this for my autistic daughter when she was 3. I couldn't recommend it enough!! I used it until she was 6.5/7 as it was still really easy to push- it will hold a child up to 5st- it was one with a swivel wheel though, not fixed. It also has a massive hood which she pulled out herself when she needed too. Good luck in finding something flowers

Lilicat1013 Sat 30-Apr-16 16:04:58

Thank you so much everyone, we tried him in a Baby Jogger at Babies R Us today, he had loads of room not only for now but to grow. When we came him I found him a bargain second hand one on eBay so that is perfect.

I have also ordered him a soft liner and a snack tray so we can make him a real safe space so he can feel happier when we are out and about.

I really appreciate everyones help.

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