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Pushchair minefield

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flowerpower10 Wed 06-Apr-16 15:58:04

Short list bugaboo cameleon3 stokke scoot and crusie jools geo cybex praim silver cross pioneer

Please can you give your experience with any of the above and you opinions many thanks

Zaurak Wed 06-Apr-16 17:12:17

What do you want from it?
I.e rear facing/all terrain/urban use/sturdy/lightweight/never needs folding/has to fold one handed/Land Rover vs tiny boot etc etc.

If you just need to wheel it round your country estate then your perfect pram will be different to if you live on the fifth floor with no lift, for example.

flowerpower10 Wed 06-Apr-16 22:54:58

I would used it daily walking dog in the park
I walk 20 min to a small town going up down curbs in and out of shops
Occasionally beach and lakes walk
Fold it about twice a week
Fit in ford ztec boot
Space for nappy bag and shopping
Good rain cover good in windy conditions I live on island
Cup holder bonus
Comfort for growing baby birth to 3years
Smooth ride
Adjustable handle preferably not foam covered
Not look to plastic like the cuppa baby Vista
Washable fabric I have a muddy dog most days
Parent and world facing
Mattress for over night sleep in carry cot
Effective Sun shade
Adaptors for car seat
Warm washable foot muff
Different seat positions that are easy to do

I did like icandy but I had a walk with a friend s baby and it felt rickety and seat position adjustments I found hard

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