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what pushchair do I want for a holiday?

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Silvertap Sun 03-Apr-16 07:20:33

Hi, I've had an out n about nipper for a long time but I think it's way to big to take on our first family holiday.

I have an 18 month old & a 3 year old. It's mainly for the youngest. I can see me keeping it in the boot instead of the nipper when we get back.

Ideally I want:
Lie flat or almost lie flat
One handed fold
Light with carry strap
Under £75 (presuming eBay here)

If possible I'd love a bar handle as I love that about the nipper.

Any suggestions?

starpatch Sun 03-Apr-16 07:35:29

Babyway ones are very lightweight. They come with or without hood single or double. I used mine loads when DS was 2 mostly carried it folded just in case he decided not to walk.

BikeRunSki Sun 03-Apr-16 07:38:13

BabyJogger City Mini if you can get one in budget. Huge good works as a sunshade and rain cover too.

PotteringAlong Sun 03-Apr-16 07:42:58

If you want a single get a petit star zia!

Hufflepuffin Sun 03-Apr-16 13:28:25

I think the red kite zumi would fit the bill, not 100% certain on the price though.

BikeRunSki Sun 03-Apr-16 19:25:52

Old thread about the Zumi.

Shakey15000 Sun 03-Apr-16 19:29:09

If it's involving a plane and a beach, I would suggest an el cheapo one that you don't mind getting bashed to buggery and full of sand/drink/snacks smile

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