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one handed pram with buggy board? Is it impossible

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Yawningalldaylong Mon 28-Mar-16 08:29:48

I am in buggy shopping hell, going round and round. I have a Phil and Teds double, and with my daughter increasing pre school hours, I want a new buggy for my 16 month old to motivate me to get out for longer walks.

I want…
One handed steering (and buggy board fitting) for when my daughters with us
Upright position
Good size basket

without costing a fortune!

Am i expecting too much?

Do you choose to accept this mission?

cherrylola Mon 28-Mar-16 22:02:47

Buy one of those bars that attaches to any two handled buggy? I'll find a link...

cherrylola Mon 28-Mar-16 22:03:22

Doily buggy bar - look on Amazon

cherrylola Mon 28-Mar-16 22:03:43

*dooky (not dolly silly auto correct!!)

KP86 Mon 28-Mar-16 22:17:05

City mini. I got a 4 wheeler second hand for £100, and you can get a buggy board for it. Haven't checked how much it is though.

DearTeddyRobinson Mon 28-Mar-16 22:19:49

Uppababy Cruz! About £500 new I think though so worth looking for a second hand one. Buggy board is about £70 (Uppababy PiggyBack). Has the single handle, big basket underneath.

Miz10 Mon 28-Mar-16 22:29:01

Baby jogger city mini

Artandco Mon 28-Mar-16 22:54:46

Bugaboo bee second hand. Baby can face you and then it's easier to lie down when buggy board in use

Notso Mon 28-Mar-16 23:06:39

Out n about nipper is fab to push on any terrain and one handed.
I used a buggy board with it but it would depend a bit on the height of the child as the handle bar just goes up and down rather than extending, although I managed fine with my very tall 4 year old as well as my quite short 3 year old.

SingingMyOwnSpecialSong Mon 28-Mar-16 23:10:53

Out n about nipper is great one handed, I use mine to walk the dog and it is no bother having him on his extending lead diving about the place. Never tried it with a buggy board though.

DorothyBastard Mon 28-Mar-16 23:17:34

I have a bugaboo buffalo with buggy board and I completely love it. It's a dream to push & steer. The buggy board has been fantastic for my just-turned 3yo DD.

redcaryellowcar Mon 28-Mar-16 23:18:21

Uppababy vista dies all you require, not sure what you are hoping for budget wise, but think they are around £600, with a bit extra for proper bespoke fitting buggy board.

SweetAdeline Mon 28-Mar-16 23:22:12

I've used a bugaboo bee with a lascal maxi buggy board and it works great. Can still push one handed even with my tall 4yr old on the buggy board and 2yr old in the pushchair (although I'm trying to conveniently forget it to encourage dd to walk more). We used to have the bugaboo buggy board and it stuck out too far and meant I had to walk to the side.
I got the bee second hand for €100.

Having read your OP again, it might be worth checking it's upright enough. DS thinks the upright position is a little too reclined for his liking and often wriggles out of the shoulder straps so he can sit bolt upright.

LetTheRiverAnswer Mon 28-Mar-16 23:24:51

Microlite have integral buggy boards on one of their models, not sure which one, but that would appeal to me. They're pricey I think, but might be ok second hand

DevonLulu Tue 29-Mar-16 17:16:20

I would second the uppababy vista. I can push it with one hand with a baby in the seat and a toddler on the board. Telescopic handle means that you don't have to walk to the side. It's great on most terrain. The seat sits very upright and the basket is huge.

I thing that it is better than the Cam that I had as it is a more sturdy pushchair and the basket is about a million times bigger and easier to access.

moggle Tue 29-Mar-16 18:29:13

I have a city mini and love it to death but can't imagine that a buggy board would work well with it. There's no space for a toddler inside the handle and if they were outside you would have to push it almost at arms length.

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