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Phil & Teds Double Seat Classic/Sport

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Cookiesandcoffee Sat 19-Mar-16 19:37:17

Hello .. I am hoping to buy a second hand double seat kit to turn my P&T Classic (I think V2, couldn't be sure) into a double.

I have found a 'Sport' Double seat for a great price, and it looks in the picture identical to the picture from a Classic .. Butt do I take the risk? Does anyone have any experience of this? There is no where I've found near me which stocks the seat to even look/try it out. I won't use it for a huge period of time so want to buy second hand. I can never find 'classic' second hand seats ?!

Any words of wisdom much appreciated. (I've heard the P&T does not work well with a buggy board due to the break positioning, so think for long days out etc the double seat will be the only option)

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