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avoid supreme baby lucky travel system

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sweetpeas2692 Mon 14-Mar-16 23:10:23

faults that pram has: foot rest falls down all the time.
straps become tangle and come of settings.
hood starts come away of settings.
buttons to push to fold down become stiffer, hence several times and sore hands to fold down.
wheels lock with out warning.
pram comes from poland , found this out when supreme baby refused me refund, saying I used pram and risk my child .
worse customer service ever and they do not care about any faults or your rights.
said I was abusive for saying I going warned mums to avoid buying from this company.
pram did not last 7 months with a baby!

sweetpeas2692 Wed 30-Mar-16 13:16:22

This company as failed to give me owners names, to which all consumers have right to know who dealing with and have continue to show contempt for uk laws, the pram was sold on bases, that was uk manufacturer, as told to my daughter ,before purchase.
T he fact remains, no one buys a pram with no intention of not using and for this company to say my baby fault, no one seems to care to fact my son was hurt, not once have they said sorry, for any stress caused to myself or child and regardless of how long had pram was sold fit for birth to three years.
I left with no pram as not going risk , my son getting any more welt marks , when wheels lock with out warning and straps failed to stay in placed.
I am in my rights to request replacement /repair, but to date this company as failed to do anything.
And for record saying pram made in uk , when it is not is breaking laws.

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