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babyjogger select vs updated uppababy vista double

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Zebrasinpyjamas Mon 14-Mar-16 13:47:09

Hi does anyone know if it's possible to use the bassinet with a forward facing toddler/rumble seat on either of the updated uppababy vista or baby jogger select? It's definitely not shown on the official pictures but hoping it is possible somehow!

My nearly 2 yo will only go front facing but I would refer to use a bassinet with my newborn. I'm not worried about whether the toddler seat can recline in this position as dc1 doesn't sleep in the buggy ever and we will only use the bassinet for a few months.

I've had to eliminate the mountain buggy and Out n About as the seats aren't wide enough for my toddler. BJ City mini is too wide for my doors.

We have a 20 min walk to town so buggy board not a reliable option for us yet.

I love my Vista (old model) for a singleton so was thinking in the medium term I could buy the updated vista or BJ select and use it as a single once my older child doesn't need it any more.

Hufflepuffin Mon 14-Mar-16 22:23:47

Could you use a sling for the new baby and put him in the vista? Get the rumble seat for your current old vista for occasional lifts when he gets tired of walking?

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