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out n about double

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illyillyilly Sat 12-Mar-16 18:33:41

I was wondering if anyone could tell me any good or bad bits about this pushchair? I've got the single which I LOVE, but I'm now expecting another baby with an 18 month age gap, so I'm trying to suss out double pushchairs.

BeeMyBaby Sat 12-Mar-16 18:36:27

Doesn't fold down much, other than that it's great.

Tatie3 Sat 12-Mar-16 18:42:33

It's a lovely easy to manoeuvre pushchair with loads of storage space in the baskets. It's still rather big when folded but I think that's to be expected with a double. I sold mine due to the amount of punctures I was getting and instead bought a Baby Jogger City Mini; it's slightly smaller when folded but not easy to push as the Out n About.

LondonSouth28 Sat 12-Mar-16 22:13:39

I have the Out n About double (version 4). I like it ...don't love it but I think that's more to do with the fact it's a double pram and as the man in the pram shop said to me about double prams, 'they're all about compromise'. And when I was looking around I would say that is fairly true.

I wanted a side by side as I found the stacker prams (ie the Uppababy double, Phil & Teds or icandy) too heavy for my back.

I think it's pretty good value, when you consider the price of a number of the doubles on the market. I got the pram, newborn insert, foot muffs, under pram storage thingy and the non puncture wheels for just over £500. It's worth shopping around for them as they seem to go on sale at various shops.

To avoid the puncture issue, I immediately purchased the puncture free wheels you can get with it (I think they cost about £45) so that has never been an issue.

The turning on the pram is brilliant - it makes a tighter turn than my single (a Bugaboo chameleon).

One issue I have found is the weighting - if you hang a bag on the back of the pram or fill the back pockets it becomes very 'back heavy' and you do need to be careful of it wanting to fall backwards. It never actually has so far but when you go up and down pavements etc you can feel the pram lean back quite a lot.

Depending on the age gap between your children, the side by side factor does enable them to lean over and give each other a whack! My eldest has nearly taken the baby's eye out (only a 12 month age difference).

For the newborn I didn't buy the bassinet, I used the newborn insert (£20 for the insert vs £100 for the bassinet) which served me well. As the seats can lay flat and are quite enclosed not buying the bassinet was a good move.

I've actually never folded the pram down, except when I was trying it out! (I take 2 single prams + partner or a sling + pram if we are going out via the car - rare as we are zone 2 London). It is a big fold down, it's quick and quite simple to do but it's a big pram, it's not compact. Be sure to check it will fit in your boot.

We are London based and so far I haven't had any issues with it not fitting in doorways etc. If you lived in a town with lots of old buildings you'd struggle. That said, it certainly isn't the widest side by side. It's only a fraction wider than the narrowest side by side on the market (the Mountain Buggy Duet).

The seats are nice and roomy. A number of the side by side prams have very narrow seats made for narrow bottoms! I worried looking at some of the narrower seats that my children would grow out of the pram before they were ready to walk. I also thought with some that by the time you added winter wear it would end up very squishy.

One pram shop told me the Out n About is owned by the same people who make the Mountain Buggy. When I compared the parts on each pram it certainly looked to be true, they look very similar. The Mountain Buggy starts at £580'ish vs high £300s/ low £400s for the Out n About.

If a double pram is what you need and you are not taken with the stacker prams I'd say this is a good option. Hope that helps, x

BearGryllsHasaBigRope Mon 14-Mar-16 19:44:59

Thank you for your replies, and London thank you so much for going in to such detail! It's really helped. I do think I'm pretty set on a side by side, and we do a lot of off road adventuring so I need something that'll be good for that.

DevonLulu Tue 29-Mar-16 19:05:38

I bought a version 3 second hand about a month ago for a big 26 month old and my 4 month old.

For what it is, it's great.

It is very light to push and easier to manoeuvre than you'd think. I'm really impressed.

The seats are big enough for my Ds1, 27 months and 16.2kg.

I don't have a basket but the little pouches on the back of each seat are fine.

The recline is perfect for lie flat and both boys sleep well

It's narrow enough to go through doors.

The gold is ok. It's not small but it's a double , so as expected. It's rugged enough to cope with all my off road needs, beach, mud tracks, unmade paths etc. It would go anywhere you could push two lumps. The boys are heavy, if it's really rugged, we strap them to our backs!

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