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Maclaren xlr info please

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GoMommaItsaBargain Fri 11-Mar-16 14:41:37

Currently use a good three wheeler for sch run and other walks x2 a day
Ds is just two but quite tall and prob weighs easiy around 15/16 kg now. The three wheeler is too bulky for bus and although good storage etc is large to get in and out shops also and manage when I have my elder two dc also and ds wants to walk and all their stuff (they are only 5 and 7 so I still seem to have lots of their stuff to cart about!)... Got a Mac quest for upcoming hols, he seems perched in seat (seat seems shallow ) but is obvs comfy enough ans puts feet on foot rest, it's fab on bus, much less unwieldy when we are all together and in and out car etc, love it but it's tippy etc.
Questions are..... Is the xlr less tippy? Is the seat a bit comfier and the basket easier to get to (noticed it has a side zip thingy) love the fold and quality of the quest, is the xlr the same? My three wheeler is super quality fabrics etc and durable so hope xlr similar?
Would the xlr cope with reasonable amount walking about (not rough ground) and be neater on bus/do combined job and allow clear out the other buggies?! I'm sick of big pram in hallway, want a spring time declutter!

GoMommaItsaBargain Fri 18-Mar-16 18:27:28

Anyone any opinions on the xlr? Still pondering whether to purchase

CottonSock Fri 18-Mar-16 18:32:12

I have one, its quite tippy. I use hamster bags for shopping to help with this. Basket not very accessible. Seat quite deep, easy to push etc. We get a lot of use, but I wouldn't get one as well as a quest personally. I'm actually looking for something smaller like a yo-yo as it's quite big wheels make it largish fold IMO.

GoMommaItsaBargain Fri 18-Mar-16 21:03:53

Ok thanku - might try a techno XT instead- love the compact ness of the quest but seat seems so shallow for my toddler - had a bjcm that was def better seat wise but I hated the handle and width of wheel base. He is super comfy in my phil n teds dot so prob should just keep on with that for longer walks - I tried a yoyo but sold it for the quest- the wheels kept getting stuck in bumps on pavement nearly tipping whole thing forward - fold didn't always go down smoothly either. Also seat back was too short it seemed for my tall just turned 2 yr old

pinkchampagne1 Fri 18-Mar-16 21:14:46

My sister had a Quest for my nephew and hated it. My nephew always slouched in it, tiny wheels with no suspension, narrow seat and quite low handles so her tall husband was bent over when pushing it. She replaced with Maclaren XLR which I use when I look after him and it is much better. The seat is far wider and more comfortable (no more slouching), full suspension so pushes easier, extendable hood for keeping sun out of his eyes, larger basket and nice and light to push. Has a much better quality feel to it than the quest in my opinion but is heavier and longer when folded.

CottonSock Sat 19-Mar-16 07:33:15

Thanks for feedback on yoyo.

. I think I got confused, my post above relates to xlr. I have an old model. Noticed today there are some new editions and a bit of a redesign being marketed which have bigger basket, lighter etc

pinkchampagne1 Sat 19-Mar-16 08:58:10

I don't find the XLR tippy at all - it is a pretty sturdy pushchair

Avebury Sat 19-Mar-16 09:05:17

My Techno XT is ten years old now but still going strong. Basket not great but perhaps improved on newer models and I have buggy weights on the front so that I can pile bags over the handles without it tipping.

MissWimpyDimple Sat 19-Mar-16 09:21:25

The XLR is really not compact at all but it's definitely got a bigger seat. The XT would probably suit your needs.

If your toddler is older and just needs a seat which is roomy, I would recommend the volo. It's so strong and light and the seat is more sling like. My DD still fits in it (not that she uses it of course) at age 8

pinkchampagne1 Sat 19-Mar-16 09:27:44

No it is not very compact - it takes up the whole length of our boot. It is a lot heavier when folded than the quest too. Lovely and light to push though and a good quality sturdy pushchair. Think the XT has similar features but has a narrower seat and is a little lighter when folded.

GoMommaItsaBargain Sat 19-Mar-16 09:40:08

Thankyou everyone- I guess the xlr is going to be biggest folded but it does fold down quick and maclaren seem sturdy enough to chuck about in and out car etc.... think I better try one in my car though- may not actually fit! The quest does and looks like a little extra room so XT would also-.If the XT seat is similarly narrow like the quest then the xlr would prob suit us better as ds only just 2 and still hitches a ride a fair bit as I walk alot for groups- shops- errands etc I imagine he wouldn't be much more comfy in an XT - if one doesn't fit in boot then back to drawing board!

GoMommaItsaBargain Sat 19-Mar-16 09:42:16

Miss wimpey dimple I will check out the volo smile seat sounds ideal

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