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Convert BJCM or new travel system?

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mirrorballs Mon 07-Mar-16 15:51:54


I'm in early pregnancy with my 2nd, have plenty of time to get organised but looking at what we may need to buy.

We currently have a BJCM3 which I love as a pushchair, DD has pretty much outgrown a buggy but still use occasionally for shopping trips etc, we purchased it when she was around 8 months old so never used car seat/carrycot as we'd used an Urban Detour travel system until then.

Pricing up adapters, maxi cosi seat, isofix base and carrycot, reckon I'm looking at around £300. Is it worth doing this, I.e. Does it make a decent travel system, or should I look at spending a little more for a new travel system and return to my BJCM when the new baby is older?


Hufflepuffin Mon 07-Mar-16 22:17:58

You could get a cybex Aton cloud car seat, which goes on the maxi cosi adaptors but converts to a carrycot outside the car? Or buy a carrycot on eBay?

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