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Parent facing pushchair with buggy board

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PersisFord Fri 26-Feb-16 13:09:20

Hello, after some advice. My 9 month old is getting heavy to carry all the time but flips out if he can't see me. I've got twins but one is a total pushchair refuser and my double buggy is massive and faces away anyway. I think I need something parent facing so the baby behaves with a buggy board for my non-walking twin. And obviously I want it to be vvvvv cheap grin. Everything I have seen so far is a proper travel system which I don't need, just the buggy bit.

Any thoughts? V open to second hand but eBay prices seem extortionate.....

RandomMess Fri 26-Feb-16 13:13:34

I did this with a bugaboo frog with normal lascal board on it and it worked very well...

Just need to pick up a cheap frog, cam or erm the other one I can't remember!

Stacks Sun 28-Feb-16 16:33:15

Have a look at the baby jogger city select. It's a double (one in front of the other) but can be used as a single too. It's great to push and is really sturdy. I've been using it with my two for the last 2 years. Mostly as a single pushchair, parent facing, with my son standing on the foot rest of the seat, tucked inside the handle bar. It's sturdy enough and well balanced enough to do it without having to hold the pushchair up.

My two are now 20 months and 3 years, and it's still great and going strong. It would probably be compatible with a buggy board too, though I've never needed one.

PersisFord Tue 08-Mar-16 09:20:10

Thank you for the replies!! I have been reading and researching but have not had the courtesy to reply! <smacks own wrist>. I have been lurking on gumtree and eBay looking for second hand ones, either of those would be great.

Any thoughts on the baby style oyster 2? It gets good reviews but I have never seen one.....

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