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max1014 Fri 12-Feb-16 13:02:47

The original harness of my Mamas & papas Zoom Pushchair broke after just 6 months of use. I was given a new type of harness by the Mamas & Papas store without any problems. After 2 weeks of my15 month old son using the seat with the new harness while out walking I noticed through the rain cover what at first appeared his tongue was black but to my horror he had the foam Mamas & Papas logo from the harness in his mouth. As you may imagine he didn't want to part with it! On examination of the logo it appeared there was very little glue on the reverse to hold it in place. My dad and I took the seat back to the Gateshead store. The manageress was very sympathetic and quickly filled in an incident form. While she was doing this and in front of her my dad quiet easily removed another foam logo from a shop floor model, this didn't please any of the shop staff. We were offered another harness or another new seat but they could not guarantee 100% the foam would not come loose in the replacement. My dad offered to glue the foam in with an epoxy resin glue that would be impossible to remove but we were warned doing so would invalidate the guarantee of a new harness. We informed our local Trading Standards who visited the store. They tried a shop floor model which appeared to be soundly fixed. I hope this was a one off incident (not counting my dad removing a store logo) but if you have a Mamas & Papas harness on your pushchair please check the foam logo on the harness buckle is safely fixed on. If it comes off let the company know and then inform your local Trading Standards office and ask them to get in touch with Gateshead Trading standards office, they may be more out there and a child may choke if the matter is not properly dealt with

joyalf Fri 12-Feb-16 13:05:20

We have a mamas & papas pram (can't remember the model, bought it 2 years ago now). The harness has a hard plastic logo which fell off really quickly about 6 months into use. I didn't think anything of it really, luckily my LO didn't get hold of it, but you make a good point.

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