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Uppababy Cruz vs iCandy Strawberry 2. Can't decide!

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nerdymum Wed 03-Feb-16 22:08:39

Hope your input and experiences can help! I'm so torn between the Uppababy Cruz (manouvers well, folds easily -and I'm clumsy- nice sun canopy, carrycot suitable for overnight sleep) and the iCandy Strawberry 2 (folds well, more or less same weight, nice wheels and sturdy feel).
The manual securuty latch of the iCandy puts me off a bit but I'm scared about breaking the automatic one in the Uppababy (I'm seriously v clumsy!)

I have a small car (VW Fox) and DH doesn't drive so we'll use public transport. We are more city people, just the occasional walk around Richmond Park or a more forest area (even more rare).

Money is thankfully not an issue as it's a present so we are a bit spoilt there.

Any help will be appreciated as my mind is full of pram questions! :s

SpottedLorax Thu 04-Feb-16 08:59:35

Try them both in person
Can you Fold and lift with one hand while holding a baby?
Does it steer well?
Is the handle at the right height to allow you to stride without kicking the back axle?
Is it easy to chuck in the car?
How wide is it?
How easy is the basket to access

nerdymum Thu 04-Feb-16 09:14:22

Thank you SpottedLorax smile

Tried them both in John Lewis and Mothercare and basket is fine (not so great with the carrycot).Uppababy comes witj more accesories and folds well but needs both hands to operate the mechanism. ICandy has a manual security latch that it's a bit of a bugger.

I'll measure my boot again. This is more complicated than buying a car! confused

SnuffleGruntSnorter Thu 04-Feb-16 09:19:29

If you're using public transport then requiring both hands to fold would completely put me off - where will you put the baby if you're alone and need to fold the buggy?

SpottedLorax Thu 04-Feb-16 09:43:12

See if you can actually put them in your boot (we did this.) measurements don't always account for odd sticky out bits

I've got three strollers blush
1. a massive emmaljunga that never gets folded which I use daily for long walks. Great in snow and cold but crap for buses and the car
2. An easywalker mosey as the one I use if I need to go anywhere - reversible seat, folds well, narrow for buses, etc
3. A tiny joie mirus I picked up for a few quid for times I need to travel light.

My criteria were reversible seat, easy fold and small enough to lift/get on bus

nerdymum Thu 04-Feb-16 20:11:30

Thank you so much ladies!
SpottedLorax, 3 strollers, that's amazing! I hope the one we get will last... forever. I think I'm being too optimistic here!

A think another trip to John Lewis is required now... grin

FrankSpencer Thu 04-Feb-16 20:15:49

Have you heard of the Oyster Switch? Reversible seat, umbrella fold, stroller sized jobby.

Zephyroux1 Thu 04-Feb-16 20:30:59

I have the uppababy cruz and while I loved it to start with its become really difficult to push as the wheels go all over the place and won't go in a straight line, I could have a faulty one mind, but i wouldn't buy it again.

dinodiva Sun 07-Feb-16 21:02:57

I love my uppababy cruz. One of the big plus points for me is the basket underneath - really useful for shopping. Also we used the carrycot instead of a Moses basket as didn't see the point of having both. You can get an insert for the buggy seat so it's suitable from birth too - my 4.5 month old DD is a big baby and didn't fit in the carrycot for long, she much prefers being in the seat.

Xmasbaby11 Sun 07-Feb-16 21:05:32

I love the I candy. It's so pretty! If it handles well I'd choose that one. You'll be using it every day probably for 2 or 3 years - make sure you choose one you love!

EsmesBees Sun 07-Feb-16 21:18:16

I narrowed my choice down to the same 2. I went for the Cruz and never regretted it. It's great on public transport. Slim, decent size wheels, loads of storage space.

nerdymum Sun 07-Feb-16 21:23:24

Thanks so much for all your input!

Went to John Lewis today with DH and we tried both. He was impressed by how well the iCandy collapsed but found the fold a bit bulky and less user friendly that the Uppababy. He also pointed out at how the chair in the Uppa was bigger than in the iCandy so likely to last for longer - lady at the shop agreed. Tried the Oyster too but didn't feel it worked for us I'm afraid... So we are more biased towards the Uppababy blush
Zephyroux1, I asked about some users reporting about wonky/stiff wheels and needing WD40 and apparently those issues have been fixed so you might want to contact the manufacturer!

By the way, today in John Lewis Ox St. they had a few pushchairs - including and iCandy Strawberry and 2 x Uppababy Cruz amongst others- reduced because of damaged boxes or no packaging. Worth considering! smile

LoveB Fri 23-Jun-17 07:00:46

Hi nerdymum sorry this thread is a blast from the past but wondering how you've got on with the Cruz? I'm in exactly the same position and deciding between the Cruz and the icandy strawberry!

How does the Cruz cope on grass/footpaths/slightly bumpy ground? That's my one concern about it.

Thanks in advance!!

Sierra259 Fri 23-Jun-17 07:11:36

I had the Uppababy Cruz. I used it daily for over a year with both DC and only changed to a stroller type when they started childcare and I wanted something a bit smaller for the buggy shed. I gave it to my sister who has used it daily for my DN the last 6 months. We had to change one of the wheels once, but it was about £20 and organised by the stockist we bought it from.

I loved it (especially the big basket) though it would be awkward to fold up on a bus, especially with the carry cot attachment.

LoveB Fri 23-Jun-17 10:13:21

Great, thanks so much sierra! So it coped ok on slightly rougher terrain? ie grass or footpaths through parks/woodland perhaps?

Sierra259 Mon 26-Jun-17 20:20:17

It coped fine with footpaths in woods and grass. Only issues were loose sand and gravel!

LoveB Mon 26-Jun-17 21:03:06

That's fine by me! Thanks so much for your help - I think we're going to buy one tomorrow!

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