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Help Obaby Zezu tandem kit

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Irishqueen Sat 30-Jan-16 16:19:30

Can I please ask you lovely vipers a few questions on behalf of a friend who is going through prams at a rate of knots. She has a baby only a few months old and a just toddling toddler. She has a heavy double (graco Quattro) but has been looking at getting the obaby Zezu and the tandem kit but needs the answer to the following questions and can't find them anywhere.
So ....
can you fold it with the seat unit still attached or do you need to take it off?Does it folds with the tandem seat or buggy board still attached too?
And finally does the rain cover only cover the top seat or does it cover the toddler one too?
Any actual reviews or experiences would be super.
She has tried just a sling and a cheap buggy but she gets really hot. Also her husband has the car during the week so she needs a public transport solution and this looks like it fits the bill.


asuwere Sat 30-Jan-16 16:26:35

I had this and really liked it, especially the board- much better than a normal buggyboard.
I never folded mine so not 100% sure but from what I remember I don't think you could fold it with seat on. Definitely not with tandem seat.
There is a double rain cover which comes with the tandem kit and it covers both seats.
I've used lots of doubles over the years and the zezu was by far my favourite. But, as I said, I never folded it, it was purely my walking pram.

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