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If I loved my icandy peach, what else would I like?

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kaymondo Thu 28-Jan-16 17:09:34

Just had a look at my old peach, which has been in the garage since DS2 stopped using it and it is a sorry sight indeed! Full of mould and looks a lot tattier than I remember. I know I could have a go at cleaning the mould off and I may do so but, for now, I'm also thinking about buying new again.

I loved my peach and would be quite happy to just go out and buy the new version (mine was a peach 1 so quite old now) but it is obviously an expensive option, especially as I want the carry cot option. What else is out there that would be similar to the peach in terms of style and handling, but might be a bit more reasonable price wise?

A friend had an oyster when I had my icandy which looked quite similar but it felt much clunkier in its handling to me but would be interested in other people's thoughts. Just looking to narrow the options so I can do some more research before I go shopping!

kaymondo Fri 29-Jan-16 12:13:27

So I went to look a pushchairs today, mainly to check out the bugaboo chameleon but whilst there I was also quite taken with the bugaboo buffalo. Anyone had any experience of the bugaboos vs icandy? I liked that the bugs were lighter and that the buffalo was higher so you're closer to the baby, plus better suspension.

I'm not so sure about the carry cot just being a fabric set that goes on the same chassis. Does this work okay? I keep thinking it wouldn't be as comfortable as a standalone carry cot but can't put my finger on why!

Also like that you can completely take the fabric off the bugaboo for washing.

On the other hand, I think i still prefer the look of the icandy and, having had one before, I know what I'm getting...

Confused now! confused

kaymondo Fri 29-Jan-16 12:14:26

Oh and yes, I do realise that my idea of looking at more reasonably priced pushchairs seems to have gone out of the window! blush

Floweroct2 Mon 29-Feb-16 19:39:42

Did you make any decisions? Currently looking at the buffalo and the peach and can't decide!

FinallyGotAnIPhone Mon 29-Feb-16 19:53:28

Loved my peach but it died a death after 5 years 3 babies (one wasn't mine!). If I were to have another as much as I loved the peach I'm not sure I could justify spending a grand (was £650 new all in when we got ours) so I'd either buy second hand or just use my BJCM.

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