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Additional buggy advice

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dldl Sun 24-Jan-16 20:13:35

Posted a while back but looking for fresh suggestions!!
We live somewhere different and our needs have therefore changed since we bought our first buggy for our first child 4 years ago. Our first buggy was a Baby Jogger City Elite, which I loved the huge seat, huge hood, big wheels, easy push. We had a car then and also did lots of walking.
Buggy now used for our 18 month old, but I am now living somewhere with narrow shops and pavements, no car and therefore take buses frequently, do lots of walking generally paved areas but hilly, hot climate so need good hood or sun canopy. The BJCE is just too big at the moment and we need something with a more compact fold that I can leave at nursery.
The lack of storage really puts me off an umbrella style buggy. I tried a cheap argos Babystart three wheeler with a huge basket that we picked up a few years back and used for nursery then and it was good enough, but I find it hard to push with my current 18 month old and the hilly area.
Recommendations please and even better if it is something I am able to pick up second hand! We have BJCE, BJCMD (rarely used), and cheap Babystart Three Wheeler. Therefore can't be anything big and bulky to store!

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