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Pushchair queries and recommendations please?

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TR13 Sun 24-Jan-16 16:31:22

Hi and thanks in advance; my wife is expecting (early summer baby, so may impact on answers) and I am research master so I have lots of pushchair questions which I'll number for ease of answering. We want a decent quality robust pushchair which is good on country roads, trails and might even manage the beach. Not interested in spending lots of money on a name either.

1. Is the britax b motion 4 at £125 really good value and will it meet our needs?
2. Can we manage without a travel system? Ie separate car seat and buggy; also this will reduce the (I guess very real) temptation to have the convenience of the baby being in it too often.
3. Are lie flat pushchairs (which in reality are lie almost flat) OK for newborns? How can they be made more comfortable and suitable?
4. Is a carrycot suitable as a Moses basket?
5. Is a travel cot suitable as a Moses basket?
6. Can the baby go straight into it's own cot/room?

chantico Sun 24-Jan-16 16:44:22

1) don't know, not familiar with that model
2) yes
3) yes, or at least some of them are. I'd have no qualms about the top of the range Maclarens for example (which really are flat as dammit, adequately padded and cosy)
4) yes. But heft a few around. You might be better off with a Moses basket for sleeping, and occasionally moving round the house by the handles, rather than a heavier carrycot (which you may well not end up carrying much because they're fairly bulky/heavy)
5) no not really. They re cot sized and have only thin mattresses. OK to use for the odd nap, but I wouldn't consider one as a regular sleeping place.
6) yes it can. But the current SIDS advice is to have the baby in the same room as you for the first six months overnight, and ideally in the same room as someone for all naps too.

chantico Sun 24-Jan-16 16:53:17

Oh, and a point about something you haven't asked: how do you reach the things you have asked about?

Are they all within walking distance? If so, nothing else in particular to think about. But if you plan to drive, does the pushchair fold easily and fit in your boot? If you plan to use public transport, how wide is it? Because some bigger ones have a wheel based that doesn't fit easily down the aisles and knocking into other passengers as you jiggle your way through isn't a great thing to be doing.

TR13 Sun 24-Jan-16 17:03:17

Many thanks for your helpful insight. We currently have a Toyota aygo, and dog, and (my) 10 year old who stays a couple of nights a week, so we're going to get a bigger car. Public transport hardly exists in Cornwall so not a consideration and reviews suggest the britax isn't 'over sized'
Thanks again

SkiptonLass2 Thu 28-Jan-16 08:59:33

Look for something that's easy to fold - hold something in one hand to mimic a squirmy baby and see if you fold/unfold the pushchair with the other hand
Look for something you can lift in and out of the boot without putting your back out.
Do you want a reversible seat? They are very good.
Lie flats vary. I personally have only just started putting ds in the seat at four months. A carrycot is useful. We've never put the car seat on the chassis.

A good pushchair is one that suits your lifestyle. You sound like you'll be using the car a lot so make sure it fits in your boot, folds easily and isn't too heavy.

I've got three buggies.
1. A ruddy great emmaljunga which never gets folded and lives in our hallway- used at least once daily for walks from the house. Copes with minus -25, snow, everything. Utterly impractical for public transport.
2. An easywalker mosey. Reversible seat, one hand fold, carrycot concertinas down flat and it's nippy and sturdy. Great for car and bus.
3. A cheap small lightweight one for travel

Some carrycots can be used as Moses baskets - my emmaljunga one can but I've never used it separately although ds sleeps a lot in it after naps. Personally I'd get a separate one - ones from the pram are too heavy.

The britax is very good - my only quibble was that it's forward facing only.

The best all rounders I saw were as follows - easywalker mosey
Armadillo flip xt
Baby jogger versa gt

These all have reversible seats, decent all terrain and an easy fold. Baby jogger city mini and britax are also great but only face forward.

Can I recommend ? They have really good thorough reviews with lots of pics.

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