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Pushchair queries and recommendations please?

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TR13 Sun 24-Jan-16 16:29:11

Hi and thanks in advance; my wife is expecting (summer baby, so may impact on answers) and I am research master so I have lots of pushchair questions which I'll number for ease of answering. We want a decent quality robust pushchair which is good on country roads, trails and might even manage the beach. Not interested in spending lots of money on a name either.

1. Is the britax b motion 4 at £125 really good value and we'll meet our needs?
2. Can we manage without a travel system? Ie separate car seat and buggy; also this will reduce the (I guess very real) temptation to have the convenience of the navy being in it too often.
3. Are lie flat pushchairs (which in reality are lie almost flat) OK for newborns?
4. Is a carrycot suitable as a Moses basket?
5. Is a travel cot suitable as a Moses basket?
6. Can the navy go straight into it's own cot/room?

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