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Which iCandy?

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QueenMolotov Wed 20-Jan-16 21:45:22

I recently found out I am pg with dc3 grin It's very, very early days but I am already thinking about a pram.

I swapped a nice but too big/too heavy Silver Cross Sleepover for an iCandy Cherry for dd1 in 2009; it was such a wonderful pram/pushchair. It was so good, I used it until dd2 was 2yo before the wheels eventually splayed beyond repair (I bought a Mamas & Papas Armadillo for the last year of her being in a pushchair. That was okay in comparison but I missed my iCandy).

I've since read that the Cherry was a budget pushchair for iCandy consumers, which made me wonder how brilliant their other prams must be.

Anyway, I notice that they've changed a fair but, but I still love the way they look. I like lightweight yet sturdy prams/pushchairs which I can push with one hand. I like them to collapse and set up easily and to take up a small amount of boot space (I have a crossover car so have a decent sized boot). I also like a generous shopping basket as I hate carrying stuff and also have dd's gear to cart about, too smile Which ones would you recommend? Also, what other brands/models might you recommend?


eckythumpenallthat Fri 22-Jan-16 13:57:23

When I had dd in 2012 I had the peach jogger. I absolutely loved it and it was the ONLY pram we had with her. So despite dhs concern over the price tag we more than got her money's worth! I loved that there was a lovely big basket which was handy cos the raincover once used took up most of it! It didnt have a chrome frame and was generally nice and chunky looking that I liked in pram a too. Car seat clipped in and out as did the carrycot plus the main seat unit had front and rear facing. Surprisingly even though it folded in 2 parts (frame and seat separate) it still fit in the boot of dhs KA and we could still get shopping in too.I could push it one handed too which was handy when I had to walk the dog. However the one downside with it being 3 wheeled was if going down hill it was a bit hard to handle (especially as dd got bigger) as it veered to one side. But it's only a minor issue. Also this model didn't have suspension on which I believe they've added to the newer peach jogger all terrain I think it's called. As you can see. I, a big fan

ACatCalledFang Sun 07-Feb-16 12:32:16

We have the Raspberry, which I love (have been using it since the summer). It has a cocoon rather than a carrycot; it's basically a lie-flat stroller. The only one of your criteria it doesn't meet is "sturdy": it's very much a city pushchair. But it's a dream to push (including with one hand) and doesn't feel flimsy.

We tried others, including the Bugaboo Bee, which is similar but more expensive, and I thought it felt flimsier.

It's compact when folded, as it's only about 53 cm wide. I can get a basket of shopping into the pushchair basket if it's empty. It has a storage pod for the raincover, which is useful but fiddly, especially if the basket is full when you need to get it out.

Downsides: the fold is easy but requires two hands; it occasionally is awkward and sticks. The hood is beautiful but isn't even shower proof so you have to get the rain cover out at the first sign of drizzle. Storage pod is a pain. It's definitely one for pavements, not off-road.

Overall, we've been really happy with it: we were looking for a lightweight urban pushchair with a decent basket which could be used with a car seat, fit down the aisle of a bus, and folded to a small size. It ticked all those boxes for us.

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