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Babystyle Oyster Max or iCandy Apple 2 Pear?!

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MagicDucky Sat 16-Jan-16 18:48:25

Expecting DC 2 in June and think I'm going to need a double for a little while. DD has only just turned 2 and can't cope with long walks just yet (and is an absolute daredevil near roads) so need a pushchair that can be both a double and a single.

Been looking at the Babystyle Oyster Max and the iCandy Apple 2 Pear.

I'm a bit confused with them to be honest.

Can you use the carrycot on the Oyster for both upper and lower positions? I don't think you can with the iCandy, I think you have to buy separate carrycots? Is that right?

Does anyone have a preference? Which is better? Or is there something else on the market that would be good?

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