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Mountain Buggy Nano Fold...Any cheaper alternatives? I bought a mni!

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CarolineD123 Thu 14-Jan-16 11:24:59

Hi Lovely people,

I'm new. I'm desperate. Last week my car failed the MOT and was not worth fixing it had to go, so I bought a mini..mad I know.
I have ds 10months, and a 7yr old DD. I Need a new stroller to fit in the tiny boot. I've seen the MB nano-- love it, love the way it folds.
Do any of you know of any cheaper alternatives? it's only for the school run and possibly to take abroad in the summer. We just don't have 200 quid to spend on a second pushchair.

* Please help, he's a big baby and my back can't cope with the carrier much longer. smile *

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