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Mountain buggy duet v BJCM double or GT

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Luckystar1 Wed 06-Jan-16 21:36:46

Hello! I'm quite newly pregnant with DC2, so overthinking far to early but anyway!

DS will be 20 months of all goes well and so I'm thinking I will need a double. We have a Bugaboo Buffalo which I like but I find very heavy to push especially uphill.

I have been having a quick look and I like the look of the above as you can add a carrycot for newborn.

I understand the new MB also has 'turnable' seats which is attractive, but ultimately not a deal breaker.

Ultimately I would like something lightweight and easy to steer especially if DS decides he wants to walk so I'll have to steer with one hand...

Also and finally! If the BJ is best, is the GT a better option??

Thank you!

GoMommaItsaBargain Sat 09-Jan-16 01:15:20

The duet is bulky folded and to lift - im not huge tho and abit weakling and for some.reason found the double nipper easier fold and lift - also could push the nipper one handed- light weight but sturdy and lovely seats for diff ages- loved it. Have a look at that option- I did for narrowness though -.was ok to.push too and lovely quality also! Depends where u will be pushing it- the narrower design certainly compensates for its weight to put in car- I had emcs with dc 3 so my memory of the duet early on was it was clouded by my lack.of.tummy muscles :-) it is easy peasy to push tho. The bjcm single.i have isn't as good as I had hoped - I find it heavy to push but dc3 is.15kg now and I never used the bjcm double - the great but it seemed really high handle for me.whereas the duet and nipper have adjustable handles- I didn't good a feature this is till I bought bjcm- so.... The gt.version maybe I think that has better handle! They are all fab doubles though and it is brill having a side by side as.u can reach them.both easily and lots storage underneath too. Only now my dc2 much older and dc3 and out have I been able to cope.with a phil n teds and then mine is the dot- which is dinky but very very sturdy which I love - worth consider ifu have small hall or shops ! Congrats tho and take time to decide- by the time ur dc arrives there are bound to be loads new.updated versions of various buggies! U could wait till baby arrives and get something then- enjoy!

Luckystar1 Sat 09-Jan-16 09:04:46

Thank you! Yes my friend has the Nipper and loves it (and it is £200 cheaper than the MB which, realistically is hard to disregard!!

I also have a Bugaboo Bee which I will be getting the carrycot for so I will have a lightweight single version I can put a buggy board on.

Yes I have absolutely loads of time! It's just very confusing this time with so many considerations! I will look around but thank you for your help!

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