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cheap buggy for heavier toddler

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GlitteryFluff Mon 04-Jan-16 10:05:36

DS is only 16 months and 14kg. The pram we have now only lasts til 15kg and is bulky, so we need to get a new one for weight limit, and we wanted a smaller buggy rather than bulky pram.

Any recommendations for a buggy that lasts til 25kg but doesn't cost an arm and a leg? Ideally we only wanted to spend around £100 but I don't think it's possible, but cheaper the better.

We've seen the silver cross pop for £110 in mothercare but reviews seems to be mixed, and some have had issues with tipping? Anyone have this?


Crumpet1 Mon 04-Jan-16 10:07:37

I can't fault a maclaren, we've had ours for years and both my babes are chunky.
They're not cheap but you could look on the selling sites?

GlitteryFluff Mon 04-Jan-16 10:16:25

Thanks, which mclaren do you have? I looked at them the other day but there's quite a few different ones to choose from.
We don't mind paying more if it's going to last.

GlitteryFluff Wed 06-Jan-16 23:04:47

Bumping to see if anyone else can help?

LaughingHyena Thu 07-Jan-16 10:14:52

I had a quest. The old model didn't lay quite flat but was fine for naps, I think the newer ones go completely flat too. Also had a volo, which doesn't lay down at all but very light.

I found either OK to push with a heavy child over reasonably smooth pavements. The did get a bit tricky in the park over grass and rough paths. That said due to hip problems we were still using the buggy at 5 so he was well over the weight limits by then.

I think the maclarens still had a weight limit of 15kg, though as I say we went way over with no problems. When I was looking mountain buggy were one of the few with a higher limit but then you're back to the bulky when folded problem.

Hufflepuffin Thu 07-Jan-16 11:16:31

The city mini is tested to 50lbs (22kg) in the us, it's easy to push and a nice roomy seat n

WhyCantIuseTheNameIWant Thu 07-Jan-16 21:00:56

Buggies don't disintegrate when the child hits 15.1 kilos!

That is just the weight they are tested with.

Most of them will cope with a heavier child.

My almost 3 year old has a quinny zapp (the small one, think its a zapp )

I picked it up second hand for £40, it folds up tiny!

She is the size of a 5 year old and 18 kilos.

At nearly 2, she was 14 kilos, so we were panicking about car seats, but they slow down on weight gain.

beanieg4 Wed 13-Jan-16 16:38:22

Our daughter is 19kg and 93cm, and we have just having to get rid of our McLaren Turbo XT as she is far too heavy and long for it, and to be honest when she's dressed in her full winter coats she is also too wide to be comfortable. The leg support doesn't provide her with enough of a base to sit properly and she ends up 'standing' on the foot support to compensate, and her head is above the back support.

We're having the same issue with finding a new buggy, but the advice you've been given above about weight limits varying between countries is true. In the UK the main standard that they rate to asks for 15kg (although there are others which is why some vary). Generally the buggies can hold a much larger weight before they start loosing comfortable control, in the case of our McLaren it was holding 30% more than its rated limit. But I imagine seeing as you've asked this question, that you have also noticed your child not fitting in the seat so well or that you can't control the buggy as easily.

With this in mind, we are changing the tack on our search and looking for ones she physically fits into and then checking the weight limit as an after thought.

That said, we are still struggling to find anything, apparently the industry doesn't cater (at a reasonable cost) for monster toddlers whose parents like to live active lifestyles and try not to use the car!! (and before anyone suggests a scooter or a ride-on, whilst I'm quite happy to go out in all weathers I don't expect my child to necessarily agree with me and want the ability to bundle her up if she wan'ts to get out the weather or is just generally feeling tired or unwell, we also live on a main road and her directional control on the scooter is not too good!).

I think our best option is to go for one of the sport/jogging buggies. Sadly they aren't cheap and don't come up that often second hand in our area, but they do go to the larger weights and also tend to be slightly bigger.

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