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Phil & teds back seat

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Shiskashaz Sat 02-Jan-16 10:14:51

Can anyone tell me if a 4 year old could hop in and out of the back seat in a Phil and teds? Basically, should he fit? He's average height and weight.

I currently have a BJCS, which I love as don't want to take on holidays in case it gets wrecked. And he does ride in the pram a lot.

So I'll be going on holidays with my then 2yo and 4yo and i want somewhere for him to sit should he want (he is lazy) and if he doesn't want in then it's additional storage space.

So just looking to know if he's likely to fit?
Thanks so much

BooOzMoo Sat 02-Jan-16 10:36:03

I doubt it very much! I'd make the 4 year old walk!

ohisay Sat 02-Jan-16 10:41:00

For a quick leg rest, I should think it's fine! Comfort wise, it's not going to be great as it is a very small seat I think.I have a britax b dual, big 3 year old naps in the bottom seat no problem (winter coat and large blanket in there too!)

Shiskashaz Sat 02-Jan-16 13:48:20

Ok thanks for the advice, maybe not the right option

MissWimpyDimple Tue 05-Jan-16 04:08:06

Basically yes he should fit. Mine could hop in and out until they were at least that age.

Realistically it's not going to be super roomy for him but mine loved the concept of being in a "jump seat" and called it their rocket, spaceship etc etc.

If it looks like it's going to be a longer time sitting there you can always pop the 2yo in the back.

The older p&t have more room behind. The sport etc.

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