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Baby Jogger City Mini or Lite?

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SheilaTakeABow Tue 15-Dec-15 12:18:44

Just that really. It would be as a second buggy, as I really hate the umbrella fold ones. I can't work out what the major difference is between the two, the Lite doesn't seem massively smaller or lighter than the Mini, but is a bit cheaper (although both within budget).
I've not seen a Lite in real life, so that's not helping. I prefer the look of the Mini but worried I'd end up regretting it and the Lite really is a lighter option.
Any thoughts?

Becky2208 Sun 20-Dec-15 20:30:04

We have a lite as a second pushchair for in the car/use in town. We looked at the mini but it was quite a bit more expensive, and as it wasn't going to be our only pushchair we didn't want to spend more money than we had to. The differences are: the handle on the lite is a bit lower (and a different shape), the lite is a bit smaller and lighter I think, and there's an extra step to the fold - there's a button to press on the side next to the seat. For what we've used it for, I've found it fine - the seat is large and DS is comfy in it, it's light to push and lift into the car boot, and the fold is great. The only criticism is that the harness is a bit fiddly. I think the mini is probably better, but as we got the lite on offer, it was fairly cheap and for the money I can't comlplain.

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