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Does the icandy Peach 3 mainseat bumper bar fit the carrycot or do I need to buy one?

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hannahbanananana Tue 15-Dec-15 10:32:28

Hoping you ladies may be able to help.. I bought the icandy peach 3 pushchair, then bought the carrycot second hand. The carrycot didn't come with a bumper bar, but the main seat one does fit it. I can't work out if it's too high or whether they are meant to be like that.. does anyone know if they are the same or whether I need to get a new one? Also need to get a raincover for it. Any recommendations or am I best buying the icandy one? X

moggle Tue 15-Dec-15 20:25:53

Maybe I'm being dense but why does a carrycot need a bumper bar? I thought they were mainly for older babies and toddlers to hold onto?

LottieJade16 Mon 22-Feb-16 08:35:03

The bar is so u can lift the carry cot off if little one is sleeping etc as can be used as an overnight sleeper.

The bars are different the one for the carry cot has a slight bend in it and the one for the seat is larger and has no bend. If you google peach 3 you can see the difference on the images.

To be honest the bar on the carry cot is a bit of a faff unless you do need to lift off with baby in I generally don't bother putting it on makes it easier when getting baby in and out.

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