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Pushchair years winding up - but tempted by luxury pram!

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Stirling84 Fri 27-Nov-15 19:25:34

Argh - someone talk some sense into me. Hormonal last-baby knee jerk!

DD2 (5mo) is doing great in her 2007 dated chassis Bugaboo Cam (I replaced some wheels, handle is frayed, seat fabric faded & a bit shrunk - but basically a work horse). DD1 (3yo) has also a tank of a Graco that I bought for £20 two years ago - and a little silver cross umbrella fold that lies flat in the car boot (hand me down from neighbour). DD1 mainly walks or goes on Bugaboo obviously.

Why am I having a rush of blood to the head looking at ££££ Bufalo prams?

This is such a silly time in my chid rearing to have my head turned by a premium pram - and I've been so careful with big outlay baby expenses up to now!

ShamefulPlaceMarker Sun 29-Nov-15 13:26:27

Haha! I'm he same! My youngest is 2 and I still look at prams!
Convinced myself we need a stroller now grin

ShamefulPlaceMarker Sun 29-Nov-15 13:28:41

Fwiw my friend has a buffalo. I had a cam and the cam was soooo much easier to push around busy areas. The buff is huge! Not that great off road either, I've got a mnt buggy which is much better off road smile.... Just change the hood on your old cam, mich cheaper! grin

GoMommaItsaBargain Sun 29-Nov-15 13:38:40

Agree do a hood change,meet a new footmuff etc, much cheaper- I had a donkey mono and was obvs super quality but too bulky, imagine a buffalo to be similar, I get where u coming from though! My youngest is 22 months and am currently debating if worth a final splurge on a bee but not sure it will be up to my daily sch runs in winter. Bugs do have excellent resale value though so maybe worth it can always sell on if you don't like it!

SurlyCue Sun 29-Nov-15 13:41:55

my youngest is 6 and i still look at prams. Not even by accident. I search ebay for them blush

ShamefulPlaceMarker Sun 29-Nov-15 13:49:32

Haha curlysue that's why I had another child! Couldn't justify buying one for a 4 year old smile.... Only kidding!

gomamma I've had both the old old bee and the old bee versions. I sold the old old one as my ds grew out of it and sold the old one as it was too shiny for me and didn't want to scratch it lol!

SurlyCue Sun 29-Nov-15 13:53:38

grin ive been single for 5 years so no chance of me having another. And yet i still look!

poocatcherchampion Sun 29-Nov-15 20:50:41

Im on my last child and have just treated myself to a bee.
I'm very excited! And no help to you!

Stirling84 Mon 30-Nov-15 09:59:21

No help at all.

(Tell me more! Is it like really glossy new? Does your baby sitting in it have that smug look that extra-loved magazine spread babies have? Do you push it one handed wearing a camel-coloured trench coat and heels? Does it magically repel rusk-mush?)

poocatcherchampion Mon 30-Nov-15 14:40:01

Oh it hasn't arrived yet. I tell no lie I was just thinking about while I tried for a nap but I couldn't drop off as it is so exciting!!

Notso Mon 30-Nov-15 14:50:06

I love prams. We haven't used our Nipper for a good 7 months now and yet I can't quite bring myself to sell it. It pushes so well, it's just lovely.

ShamefulPlaceMarker Mon 30-Nov-15 15:27:35

Oh, you guys are going to be the reason I buy a new pram for my 2 year old aren't you?!
I really love slings too! I have 4!

ShamefulPlaceMarker Sun 06-Dec-15 12:27:16

I've just bought a 2nd hand city mini for my 2 year old! £100! I'm crazy and now have post buying guilt!
Trying to figure out what I can sell to make up!

GoMommaItsaBargain Sun 06-Dec-15 12:49:59

Don't have the guilt shameful! I have just avoided buying a bee 3 for my 23 month old...... Had it in the basket but went to view one and realised how flimsy for sturdy toddler in middle of winter!!! Am about to buy a babyjogger, a new one though as no good second hand near me currently...... Well worth it and much better than bee for my needs..... Looking at the versa on offer too..... Decisions decisions! Intend enjoy sat few months of buggy buying! Def don't stress, 100 sounds a bargain fora babyjogger second hand

jaggythistlez Sun 06-Dec-15 12:58:16

Shameful an excuse to buy more slings is partly why we have a DC3 blushgrin

poocatcherchampion Sun 06-Dec-15 19:52:05

Ooh it is all here an fabulous. It is so fabulous that it fits in our mumbus without collapsing and upright and still loads of space. Males unloading 3 under 4 treat. I love love love it.

Slingwise I have reached nirvana too with a pod that fits all 3dc. One sling one small buggy and I am everywhere smile

GoMommaItsaBargain Sun 06-Dec-15 20:05:48

Oh no poocatcherchampion now I'm thinking of bees again!!!! I'm sure it's not sturdy enough for amount of walking we do though - how old are the dc you have in it ifu don't mind me asking and how do you find the seat for cosiness? Are u using the bug footmuff? Enjoy!

ShamefulPlaceMarker Sun 06-Dec-15 20:25:42

gomamma I've had 2 bees! And yes, agree that they are flimsy and small for toddlers!

* jaggy* I think that's part of the guilt! I bought a lovely woven wrap last month! Which also gave me the guilt as I mainly use a ssc for dd, and haven't wrapped in ages! I'm currently trying to sell a mei tai to make up for the buggy purchase!

ShamefulPlaceMarker Sun 06-Dec-15 20:29:26

Sorry poo didn't mean to rain on your parade with my bee commentsn it is a fab little stroller, but I definately need something I'm not scared of scratching'

poocatcherchampion Sun 06-Dec-15 20:52:03

Oh not offended - the perfect pushchair is a personal matter of supreme importance grin

I really wanted a small and lightweight rearfacer with easy one pics folding and it does that.

Mostly has a cocoon on it so far three days for the newborn,the 2 yo fits comfortably, the back rise is a bit short for the 3yo but she is only an occasional rider and so it would do the job.

My complaints are :
Some stiffness on the joints - I m hoping wd40 will do it
No back footrest and it will be mainly rear facing - we have a McLaren for ff - I hate not seeing their beautiful faces!

It doesn't feel flimsy or easy to break to me - but I am yet to take a pushchair off road
that is sling territory for me

ShamefulPlaceMarker Sun 06-Dec-15 20:53:57

If I had a newborn I'd have the bee as a 2nd stroller in a heartbeat smile

jaggythistlez Sun 06-Dec-15 21:27:40

Oo. poocatcher I've not tried a pod... <adds to list with maybe an Onbu one day> Is it good then?

I do wrap a lot at the moment as she's still quite a wee baby. Must stop thinking of reasons to buy more...

poocatcherchampion Sun 06-Dec-15 21:45:18

The pod is perfect.

Otherwise I'd be using a Moby and a woven/r&r - and the older 2 are out of the r&,r really. I did use the Moby a bit for the newborn but I lost it - found in the basket of another pram funnily - and used the pod and realised it is easy to froggy up the little legs and the straps are much shorter and don't trail in the mud. I might sell the Moby now.

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