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Prams for siblings, 13 month age gap

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Stinkilinky Mon 23-Nov-15 12:51:54

I've been looking at the bugaboo donkey which I love but is maybe a bit out of our price range and the Phil and Teds navigator.

Have any of you guys got any experience of these two pushchairs or could recommend anymore?

annaB1981 Mon 23-Nov-15 13:55:52

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Stinkilinky Mon 23-Nov-15 14:12:05

I'm unsure weather to go for side-by-side or tandem. Would be interested to see what others recommend.

I do love the icandy peach in butterscotch!

stillnotjustamummy Sat 28-Nov-15 07:53:10

I have a Phil&Ted Dot. The first two (18mth gap) were fine in it, but the younger two (2.5yr gap) hate it. No one will sit in the lower seat. We have a maclaren double for holidays which is great, but is no good for where we live on a daily basis as it is too wide for most doorways. It is really light and easy to fold and they fight a lot less, if you had the space it's worth a look.

2012860363 Sat 28-Nov-15 08:20:47

I also have a 13 month age gap and started with a side by side, which was a godsend for the first 8 months. I had a Baby Jogger City Mini double, which was great, both kids loved it, easy fold, could have a carrycot for newborn. BUT still found it too wide for a few doorways and logistically just too wide for most shops and pavements. The Out and About Nipper is slightly narrower so may have got that if I had my time again. I then sold my side by side and got a Phil and Teds Navigator which I LOVE. So so easy having a single. My daughter doesn't go in it that much now as she mostly walks but just knowing I have the option if she is tired or fed up (needs to be strapped in!) is great. Either of them are happy in the bottom seat and don't mind which way round they go. It really has been great for us. However, I didn't get the phil and teds initially as read a lot of reviews about the 3 - 6 month period being awkward as baby grown out of the cocoon but too small for the bottom seat. It's a minefield! Congratulations and enjoy it, it's lovely to have a such a small gapsmile

Cuppachaplz Tue 22-Dec-15 09:31:28

Looking for a similar thing here so following.

We've looked at the emmaljunga Viking (pricey, but not in donkey territory), and bumbleride and tfk doubles

ruthsmumkath Tue 22-Dec-15 09:41:17

I had a Phil and teds - good for when lo is steady but hated it for newborn.

I have also had a baby jogger side by side which is fabulous - although not quite as narrow or versatile.

Jemimapuddleduk Tue 22-Dec-15 09:45:12

We have the bugaboo donkey for our 2 with a 17 month age gap. It's been brill and v convenient that you can use as a single if just out with one. It steers really well and fits through doors still as a double. We noted that it's not quite as good quality as the single cameleon (which we also have) and is quite a bit heavier.
Bugaboos keep their price well so we hope to sell on once finished.

I have the out n about nipper and I rarely struggle with doorways, I'd recommend it.

I'm not aware of the emmaljunga Viking but I wish I'd seen it as in my opinion they are by far the most superior prams on the market.

My single was an emmaljunga and it is much better quality than the bugaboo. I'd look into that of i were you.

Danglyweed Tue 22-Dec-15 09:56:08

We used a graco stadium duo for our elder dd's, 22 month age gap. Use a graco quattro tour duo for our dt's. Sturdy, suspension, massive shopping basket. Perfect for us

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