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Who makes a big/generous cosytoes?

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MrsHelenBee Fri 20-Nov-15 17:35:48

Hi everyone,

DS2 is 18m and big (very long!!) for his age, so his feet are pushed into the end of the cosytoes I've just put back on the buggy today (they weren't wrong about the cold snap were they?!!), so it's not going to see us to Christmas, let alone see us out the winter.
He's too old to manage just with a blanket and however tightly I wrap one round him, he kicks it off.
Are there any cosytoes out there which are longer or more generous? I have a lightweight Silver Cross and a Britax B-Dual, so ideally want something that'll suit both, but the Britax at the very least. Poor love looked so squashed up and uncomfortable in the old Mothercare one today.
Any recommendations?

MyNameIsSuz Fri 20-Nov-15 17:40:09

I had a lovely fleecy one from John Lewis that my 3yo still fitted in last time he was ill

BlackGirlAndRobin Fri 20-Nov-15 17:46:21

Have you tried Kaiser? The one we have has a zip at the lower part which comes off iykwim. They are super warm too! They come up pretty big anyway but you've got the otion to take the bottom off completely.

BikeRunSki Fri 20-Nov-15 17:46:52

You want a Kaiser Iglu XL. DS is 91st centile and still fitted it at 3. It 's really warm too - we used it as a sleeping bag camping too!

BikeRunSki Fri 20-Nov-15 17:48:18

X post !

The one I've linked is boring black, but they do come in other colours, but you might need to Google.

MrsHelenBee Fri 20-Nov-15 18:11:23

Thanks MyNameIsSuz, very close to big John Lewis, so may go and have a mooch over the weekend. Fleece lined would be lovely.
BlackGirlAndRobin and BikeRunSki - thanks, not heard of that make at all but the link certainly makes it put my existing one to shame. I can see why you've used it as a sleeping bag, it looks fantastically long and cosy. Do they do them in adult sizes?!!! grin
Not bothered about the colour really. so black is fine if it's the right one for him. The Britax buggy is black and the Silver Cross is blue, but the cosytoes we've got is black and I've been able to live with the look of it on the Silver Cross today.
He's C91st like your DS BikeRunSki, so it's good to know it could get us through a couple of winters at least! Not too expensive either.
Does it just have slits in the back and one in the base so I can feed the buggy straps through. The centre buckle on both buggies is quite wide, so the hole/slit needs to be a few inches I'd have thought.

BikeRunSki Sat 21-Nov-15 00:07:29

Plenty of slits MrsHelenBee.

BikeRunSki Sat 21-Nov-15 00:08:33

I had a Nipper 360 with a big front buckle.Slit was ok for that.

Blueprintorange Sat 21-Nov-15 00:20:00

John Lewis fleecy ones are big, and have lots of different designs.

AliceMum09 Sat 21-Nov-15 20:44:25

The Buggysnuggle ones seem quite long, it can get caught in the wheels on my Maclaren Quest if I don't make sure it's pulled up properly.

BikeRunSki Sun 22-Nov-15 00:52:51

I've had a JL one and a Buggy Snuggle one. Both are long, but Kaiser is longest.

ArcticCactus Thu 17-Dec-15 16:29:41

Voksi urban. Extends to fit a six year old.

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