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Which stroller? Mamas & papas, silver cross or joie

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Allyoucaneat Fri 06-Nov-15 14:30:23

I need a new stroller for my 14month old to use for school run, shopping etc. I don't plan to buy another until he no longer needs a buggy.

I have a budget of around £100. I can't decide between the Joie brisk, silver cross pop and the cheaper mamas and papas swirl or tour. I currently have a mamas and papas pulse which I loved but sadly is a bit worse for wear now after being used for two children and numerous holidays, it needs replaced. I have a quinny zapp too but it's a bit rattly, stiff to fold and doesn't recline. I love my quinny buzz travel system too but we're constantly getting flat tyres and it's just a bit bulky.

Any thoughts or suggestions thanks? Oh and we're in Scotland so a good rain cover is essential!

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