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Stroller for a newborn?!

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LumpishAndIllogical Sun 01-Nov-15 11:52:43


I am looking for a pram for when my new baby arrives. Already have a DS 5 and I remember going through a lot of prams and not using the bulky travel system/pram for very long. I quickly moved to a stroller at around 6 months.

Now I am wondering whether to buy a stroller straight away? Some of the Cossato strollers (one of which can be parent facing) are suitable for newborns.

I don't drive, live in London and use lots of (busy!) public transport so I want something incredibly light weight and can be folded easily.

So has anyone else gone straight for a stroller? Any thoughts?


Hufflepuffin Sun 01-Nov-15 16:27:06

I'd get a baby jogger city mini!

Bolshybookworm Sun 01-Nov-15 16:37:28

Yep, we've had a Maclaren techno and an out n about- both suitable from birth. Outnabout is a nicer pushchair (really good suspension so brill for small babies, light to push, easy to manoeuvre), but the mclaren is much more light weight/compact when folded. Both are easy to fold.

I borrowed a tank travel system for dd1, it was a complete pain in the arse. Never again.

Quichey Sun 01-Nov-15 16:41:51

Another baby bigger city mini here, as light as an umbrella fold stroller and folds one handed.

AliceMum09 Mon 02-Nov-15 11:56:39

I have a BabyJogger City Mini, and a Maclaren Quest (both suitable from birth).

The BabyJogger is easier to fold one handed - you just pull as strap at the centre of the seat and the pram folds in half. You are then left holding it as the strap that you pull is the handle to carry the pram with.

The Maclaren does fold easily, but then you have to bend down and pick it up. So the BabyJogger is easier to fold and carry with a baby in your other arm.

Also I think the BabyJogger is easier to carry as it folds up square. The Maclaren folds long and thin, so if you carry it with the handle on the side you have to watch you don't turn round and wack a stranger in the shins with it!

LumpishAndIllogical Mon 02-Nov-15 20:53:09

Thanks so much! I will look into these!

annaB1981 Mon 02-Nov-15 21:37:04

iCandy Raspberry for me, suitable from birth but the weight limit is 25kgs! Small to fold and brilliant to push.

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