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Jane trider footmuff

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Frolicacid Sat 24-Oct-15 20:51:51

I'm just wandering what footmuff's people would recommend for the trider?
I'm not that keen on some of the jane ones, although the nest looks quite good.
What I'd really like is a sheepskin. Has anyone used one with the trider? There are so many different ones out there and I've no idea what would be a good fit.

Frolicacid Sun 25-Oct-15 10:56:25

Hopeful bump for the Sunday crowd smile

Velvet1973 Thu 29-Oct-15 21:17:32

I have a Kaiser sheepskin on my trider which I love. We got it last December and I just took the top off for the summer leaving the sheepkin liner in. It is big so even though my 16 month is tall it looks like it should still fit ok this winter although haven't actually tried it yet. Judging by the weather today it probably is time to try it again!
The one thing I would say with any footmuff and the trider is its nigh on impossible to secure properly due to the hood zipping onto the seat unit. You have to just fasten behind the seat liner which isn't ideal. The Kaiser does slip a bit but not ridiculously so. I may just put some sticky Velcro on it now that lo is a bit more wriggly in there.
It is so cosy though and he looked so snug in it last year. I liked the fact it had 2 zips as well so if inside in a shopping centre you could undo both zips and have the top peeled back so he wasn't too hot.

Frolicacid Sun 01-Nov-15 19:42:24

Thanks for the reply. I will look at the kaisers. Do you know if there are more than one type?
Velcro sounds like a great idea.

Velvet1973 Sun 01-Nov-15 20:05:23

There are a few different ones. We went for this one.
Not cheap but really really lovely and snug and I haven't regretted it. The top part is back on now and my 16 month was out in it yesterday and today and actually seemed the happiest he's been in the buggy for a while as normally fighting to get out and walk now.

Frolicacid Sun 01-Nov-15 20:22:10

Thank you so much for the advice. I'd no idea what would fit with the straps etc.
That's actually one of the ones I've looked at. And it's on offer! I think I might order it. Ds is getting so big, so fast.
I thought he'd be in the carrycot all winter, but I think we may have to get the buggy part out early next year.

Velvet1973 Sun 01-Nov-15 20:42:32

We started using it at 6 months. We adopted our lo at 6 months and he was already too big for the carrycot then so he went straight into the buggy. That was also why I liked it because it was properly snug like a carrycot would be when he was still so young.

Frolicacid Sun 01-Nov-15 22:13:05

Thank you, and congratulations on your little one flowers
I liked the snugness of the seat unit when we were picking it out. I'm really impressed with the trider so far. So many of my friends have bought expensive systems and ended up getting others not long after the baby arrived. I think we may have got it right first time smile

Velvet1973 Sun 01-Nov-15 22:24:34

Yes I love it. I did use my nephews old maclaren for a couple of months just before he started walking and was too heavy to hold for the 5 minute trips to post office etc where wasn't going to be in a buggy more than a few mins. But now he's walking we only use the trider again.

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