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How generous in size is a Silver Cross Pop footmuff/cosytoe?

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MrsHelenBee Mon 19-Oct-15 13:34:01

Hi everyone,

I have a Silver Cross Pop for DS2, who is 17m. He's tall for age - already in 18-24m clothes - so I'm considering a cosytoes/footmuff, but wondering if he's too big for one.
I've seen them for £40, which is fine if it's fairly generous and definitely going to see him through until the warmer weather again next year, but I don't want to fork out if it's already too small or only going to last him a few weeks.
I'd try him in one first but they don't have them on the shelf in my local Mothercare, so I'd have to order it in, and when I asked, I was told I'd have to pay for the item upfront when I ordered, so I don't really want to do that if I'm most likely going to have to ask for a refund straight away.

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