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Uppababy Vista 2015 v Icandy peach 3 blossom

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Mummybear1984 Sun 20-Sep-15 21:36:19

I am looking for a double for a newborn and a 21month old, I think I've narrowed it down to the 2 but can't decide which one!

Does anyone have either of them and can give me pros and cons please,

Thank you

DevonLulu Thu 24-Sep-15 22:07:12

I have a large (16kg) 20 month old DS and am expecting any day now. He is not yet a great long distance walker, so have invested in a double.

I sold my second hand bugaboo Cam for the new Uppababy Vista 2015 and I have not looked back. It is a fabulous single, with a huge versatile seat and an enormous shopping basket. Even as a single I LOVE IT! The only niggle is that it is not a small pushchair (although folds smaller than the Bugaboo Cam in my car) and is about 4cm wider than I would like it to be. I do understand why it has to be this wide, and if it was not, I would be worried about using it as double due to the tip risk.

I have not used it routinely as such yet, but plan to have the carry cot / car seat and the single seat when baby arrives. It is long and does need a little force to pop it up the curb ( i have used it with another baby!) but everything in life is a compromise. My 20 monther still has 2 naps per day, so the ability to recline was a must to me, and this seemed to have the seat configurations that I wanted.

I plan to use the buggy board as soon as possible, and wanted a well built sturdy pushchair to attach one to, as my boys are big (baby measuring huge too on scans). Ticks this box too.

Overall, not looked back having made the change for single use, and can not see myself being upset when using as a double.

I looked at the icandy - smaller seats, tiny carrycot and the clicky-hood would drive me mad and wake the boys!

Hope this helps

NishyM Mon 28-Sep-15 16:16:35

Hi Mummybear, I have to say I am firmly in the ICandy camp - I looked at the Vista and agree it's a good product, but I thought the way it was set up as a double was concerning, with the newborn baby hanging over the front of the frame. Also it was really heavy to push as a double and even the shop assistant agreed that it's almost impossible to get up a kerb as a double! The ICandy seemed safer and sturdier, I can extend the seats by unzipping the hood at the back, and my hood is quiet and has never woken my DD.

I'm sure this has confused matters even more!

Mummybear1984 Tue 29-Sep-15 09:03:53

Thanks everyone, yes this has confused me even more!! I just can't make a decision....

What do you mean by the newborn hanging over the frame? In the carrycot?

NishyM Wed 30-Sep-15 07:56:43

Hi, yes from the pictures I saw online the newborn in the carrycot sits at the front of the pram and quite far forward - it just made me worried, especially if I was crossing the road between 2 parked cars for example. The ICandy has the newborn at the back, and although the toddler would sit at the front it doesn't overhang the front of the pram, which to me just looks and feels safer.

Daria123 Sun 07-Feb-16 00:31:04


I have exactly the same problem! My son will be 21months old when the new baby will arrive. My first thought was to buy just a buggy board but even though he likes walking he will need pushchair.

Currently I have ICandy peach3 and I am happy but I probably wouldn't recommen it. As the first time mum I didn't really know whay features are important when purchasing ICandy. It is nice and easy to push but that's not enough for me know. There is no sunshade and the parasol is horrible in use. There is no peekaboo 'window". The basket looks big but because of shape the things can fall out. You pay for brand so the accessories are very expensive. If you want to make ot double you need another seat and another smaller carrycot!!! I spent £1k for carrycot,seat, car seat and all adaptors. Then £300 for accessories (footmuff, seat liner, parasol, cupholder) and now I have to spend another £350 (without any extras) to make it double! I am very upset about that but I could check it (I didnt plan sencond baby so quickly ).
Uppababy Vista is cheaper and if you want to make it double you can use the same carrycot. You only buy adaptors. The basket is huge so you can easily put shoppings and kids "equipment". It has great sunshade not like ICandy (I used to use the blanket or muslin square).
To sum up, I am happy ICANDY user but I think Uppababy Vista could make me even happier. I am struggling with the decision only because new Vista is bigger expense for me.

What would you do on my place?

Mishaa Sat 21-May-16 14:09:14

Hi DevonLulu not sure if you'll get this msg as its been a while however I am exactly In Your position you were in whereby I have a cameleon but due to have bulbs in the next month and have a 21 month old. Currently favour the uppababy vista but prefer the small size of the Icandy.

Id love it if your able to provide feedback on how you are finding the uppababy vista double


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