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Double buggy again!

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silversixpence Tue 15-Sep-15 11:31:58

I have a 3m old DS and a 2.7 year old daughter. My daughter invariably falls asleep in the car in the afternoon so needs to go in the buggy when I pick up older DS from school. So far I manage with baby in sling, DD in buggy. I'd also like to be able to walk DS to school but would prefer to use a double to do this rather than sling and buggy as DS2 becomes heavy on the long walk (50 mins round trip).

We have an Oyster Max, tried it once and it was very heavy to push, my wrists and arms were strained and it was very tiring! I am thinking of selling the Oyster Max and getting something lighter and less bulky and which is easy to fold/unfold for the car. What would be my best option?

NishyM Tue 15-Sep-15 20:56:56

I have ICandy Peach which felt lighter to push when I tried it and the Oyster Max in the shop, it folds really small to fit in my boot plus I can take the wheels off easily if I want to put the shopping in as well.

Hufflepuffin Tue 15-Sep-15 21:17:24

I reckon a side by side is your best bet, nipper 360 unless you're set on a compact fold, in which case I would try the baby jogger city mini double.

Or you could try a better sling - a decent soft structured carrier (ergo, boba, manduca) should be able to go 50 minutes without hurting for babies under a year (and over on the back!). Depends how long you think your middle child will need the buggy for.

MissMarpleCat Tue 15-Sep-15 21:19:57

I had a Maclaren side by side, very sturdy if you need to shop with it, not the prettiest but built to last.

AliceMum09 Wed 16-Sep-15 07:47:58

Surely a 3 month old baby can't feel heavy? I'd second looking for a decent sling, I hired one this summer to take on holiday for our 3 1/2 year old. Admittedly she only weighs 27lbs, but I walked for miles carrying her.

silversixpence Tue 22-Sep-15 14:39:19

I've sold my Oyster Max now so looking at slings and doubles again smile I can get a secondhand P&T explorer for £120 locally but not sure if I should bother - over winter we are not likely to go out walking a lot and by the time DD is 3 she may not want to be in a buggy as much. At the moment she loves it though and won't let the baby sit in it unless bribed!

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