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Compact pushchair for tall 3.5 yr old

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Sophie4kidsPls Wed 09-Sep-15 16:56:28

I'm looking for a pushchair to use for the next 4 months with my 3.5 yr old son. He's tall so his head touches a lot of the canopies I've tried.
What pushchair is really long in the body measurement?
It would only be used for into town and back trips, not off road ;)

addictedtosugar Wed 09-Sep-15 17:06:55

Can you take the canopy off your current chair?

captaincake Wed 09-Sep-15 17:37:44

We have a baby jogger city mini gt and with the canopy removed it's very tall.

pics of a 102cm 3.7 year old here

HarlettOScara Wed 09-Sep-15 17:46:15

My DD is 3 and very tall for her age. She loves the Baby Jogger City Mini Zip and has plenty of clearance between her head and the hood still.

It is pricey though for something you'll probably only use for a few months and there is a problem with the brake failing - I'm on my 3rd pushchair since April due to the brake problem. If you are buying, I can recommend John Lewis as they've been good about replacing it each time.

Prior to the Zip we had the City Mini GT which DD hated. I think the seat wasn't upright enough for her. No such problem with the Zip.

captaincake Wed 09-Sep-15 17:55:12

You can buy an extra strap for the GT to get it to sit more upright. DS has been happier in it since I got one.

Sophie4kidsPls Wed 09-Sep-15 18:41:23

We don't have a current chair, long story!

Sophie4kidsPls Wed 09-Sep-15 18:42:13

Ooh, that looks exactly like what we need

Sophie4kidsPls Wed 09-Sep-15 18:47:45

Ok, with that extra strap, sounds like it's the city mini GT.
we go to Thailand in 4 months and probably won't use it much then, but who knows. I really need a pushchair that works for DS right now. Been carrying him on my back with a carrier and just going through a miscarriage so I need to have a non carrying option asap.

Thanks for the very specific help ??smile

HarlettOScara Thu 10-Sep-15 18:07:38

The BjCM GT is s great pushchair and hold their value well do you can sell it in when you're done with it.

The Zip has teeny tiny fold though and is brilliant for travel. Otherwise, there's not much in it between the two for a tall child.

Sophie4kidsPls Thu 10-Sep-15 19:09:56

I ended up buying a silver cross umbrella style today as it went up to 25kiko weight and my sons head easily cleared the canopy. Thanks again

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