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Babyzen Yoyo 0+ or something else?

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TreeSparrow Mon 31-Aug-15 19:24:32

I keep coming back to this pram as the most suitable choice for us.

1. Must fold up small as we have very limited space.
2. We definitely don't want to spend over £500.

Are there any other options/recommendations? We'd like to just buy one pram that can turn into a pushchair later.

NishyM Mon 31-Aug-15 20:53:11

I recommend ICandy Raspberry, I got mine for £460 and it folds nice and small - you can use it from birth so don't need a pram bit, and it can take a maxicosi car seat.

TreeSparrow Tue 01-Sep-15 19:57:05

Ok thanks, I'll see about looking at one soon. Anyone else?

Artandco Wed 02-Sep-15 07:06:00

Def the babyzen. Compared to say the I candy raspberry or bugaboo bee it just folds far far smaller. In restaurants for example it literally fits under table folded so out of sight. At home you can store it in a small cupboard or slide under sofa. On buses it folds and fits by feet. On plane fits in hand luggage. All making it far more useful in places like London or small flats. The others still fold up fairly big and you need actual space in luggage section on bus for example as folded they take up almost as much room as leaving open in terms of floor space. The best part on babyzen is great for newborns. And we used on beaches abroad easily as could just carry on arm like bag until you reach sun beds then open it up under shade

TreeSparrow Wed 02-Sep-15 21:58:00

I think the Bugaboo is way too expensive from what I've seen in Mothercare (they were around £750 and I've bought a car for less!)

How small does the iCandy fold? Does is have any advantages over the Babyzen?

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