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Babyzen yoyo owners what footmuff?

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summerdreams Fri 28-Aug-15 21:44:08

Gonna buy a babyzen yoyo for my 12 month old is the babyzen one really necessary or do normak ones fit?

Hufflepuffin Sat 29-Aug-15 13:49:06

Here's a thread about it

summerdreams Sat 29-Aug-15 21:32:55

Thanks im taking from that thread that anyone will proberly fit great

adamjohnson Wed 02-Sep-15 11:46:20

I had bought the babyzen yoyo for my kid. Its ample shape gives great comfort and freedom of movement with good ventilation.

Cerseirys Mon 14-Sep-15 11:35:11

We bought a universal footmuff but I find it so annoying as it keeps slipping down as I put my toddler in. I think that??s the problem with most footmuffs. Seems like it needs a strip of Velcro or something at the back to keep it in place. Actually, anyone know of a footmuff like that?

Pearisotto Fri 06-Nov-15 21:42:15

Yes! I have the blanket212 evolution made by 7am Enfant. It stays put and has a hood bit for when it's super cold?

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