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Safety concerns for unknown brand? *newbie*

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CalypsoLilt Thu 13-Aug-15 16:00:32

So baby is due in February but I'm bargain hunting online and came across this

a colleague said "it's too cheap to be safe" and that the car seat doesn't meet regulations.

Is she right? Should I pay full whack and go to mothercare? I'm a first time mum and not suffering from PFB although I do want baby to be safe especially in the car!

Kangaroosjump Sun 16-Aug-15 14:15:25

Not too cheap to be safe but I should check the safety regs of the car seat before buying and it's best to make sure it fits in your car with a store first.

You might be able to find a store that stocks it by contacting the manufacturer

It has an isofix base available on Amazon so may be fine without trying if your car has isofix. I'd stopped working in Mothercare by the time isofix came out so not sure how it works now (also don't drive)

Velvet1973 Sun 16-Aug-15 22:00:16

If it were me I wouldn't trust the car seat. Babies are only in an infant carrier for such a short space of time you would be better to spend the money on a car seat that will last them longer. Recommendations now are that children should rear face as long as possible preferably until at least 4 years old. I would be inclined to buy a car seat that stays in the car something like joie stages which is £150appx and is suitable from birth to appx 7 years old and then look at a separate pram/buggy.

JellyTipisthebest Mon 17-Aug-15 00:41:08

The carseat looks like a obaby one, lots of seats are made buy one company and then branded as several different ones. The obaby one can be bought in mother are so you could try the seat in your car and see it fits.

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