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Uppababy vista or BJ City Select? Or something else?!

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HappyAsASandboy Mon 10-Aug-15 09:54:26

I am going round in circles and would love some advice to help me make up my mind.

I am on baby number three, and have various pushchairs in various states of repair, but I need a new one for DC3 now, as the chassis on the Loola has broken.

I would like it to:

1 Parent face as well as world face
2 Fold in one piece - can't be faffing with seperately seat all the time
3 Fold smallish and/or freestanding when folded so it doesn't take over my hall
4 Be smaller to push (and store!) than a Britax B-Dual
5 Large hood would be a bonus
6 Option for second seat would be a bonus
7 Be available second hand for as little as possible (so no 2015 models!) Can't afford to go new this time.

My online searching has turned up the Uppababy Vista and the BabyJogger City Versa or Select. Any others should consider?

Thank you lovely knowledgeable people smile

hufflepuffle Tue 11-Aug-15 19:29:28

Vista 2012 is excellent pram but is bulky when folded with pushchair attachment on. Has good massive hood with uv extension and the biggest shopping basket EVER. Universal buggy board fits very badly as you can't access break without lifting. Rumble seat attachment for child up to 15kg is ok.

fredandme123 Tue 11-Aug-15 20:28:26

Love my vista. Wouldn't want it in hallway permanently as only last week mine fell on me as I walked past it and it bruised my calf like anything and was painful for ages.
Only have the one child too so no experience of buggy board or extra seats.

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