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Second pushchair for car - recommendations?

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Bumpandbaby2014 Sun 09-Aug-15 12:50:48

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

TribbleNamedDave Sun 09-Aug-15 12:55:34

Baby jogger city mini or zip. Can't get more uncomplicated than those two.

DunderMiffed Sun 09-Aug-15 18:23:45

What Tribble said!

Bumpandbaby2014 Mon 10-Aug-15 15:57:39

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

NishyM Mon 10-Aug-15 16:12:10

My ICandy Raspberry has a lock when it's folded and is really easy to use, I believe it's cheaper than a Bee?

Joneseygirl77 Mon 10-Aug-15 18:10:04

Bump was the mini lite small when folded? I'm trying to find a second pushchair for holidays and I'm considering this one.

DunderMiffed Mon 10-Aug-15 19:33:27

The zip folds almost in half again so it goes really titchy- pics on

Bumpandbaby2014 Tue 11-Aug-15 07:58:15

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Bumpandbaby2014 Tue 11-Aug-15 07:59:57

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Artandco Tue 11-Aug-15 08:02:16

Baby zen yoyo, you can take on actual place as handluggage which is huge bonus if you ever arrive at gatwick from easy jet flight as they park miles away from passport control.

Joneseygirl77 Tue 11-Aug-15 08:39:28

Thanks for that bump. It's really good to see them next to each other.

I'm definitely going to opt for either the zip or a yoyo- love the yoyo but it's expensive.

DunderMiffed Tue 11-Aug-15 10:06:51

Here's the best buggy page with pics of zip vs mini - the harness has been improved for the UK version though, although a few of us have needed to get the brakes fixed after a few months used. I don't have much problem accessing the basket - my ds still has the footrest up and I can get my change bag in from the front. The gold is very easy but it doesn't have quite the same flick and go feeling as the mini. But it's soooo compact!

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