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Specific pushchair advice

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Tangoandcreditcards Sun 09-Aug-15 09:00:29

I've got DC2 due in Dec. DS will be 22mo. It'll be midwinter though, so not sure we'll need a double and will make do with a combo of single + buggy board/sling.

So, criteria:
Needs to have parent facing option
Buggy board compatible
Decent suspension as DP has RSI in his wrists
Lie flat option for the little one
Umbrella fold would be amazing, but just easy-enough to collapse will do

We had an Obaby Zezu for DS which was ok but it hasn't lasted and not so foldable/portable.

Don't want to spend hundreds and hundreds of £££s.

So far looking at Mountain Nano (but not suitable for newborn?)
Baby Jogger Vue?

Any contributions or reviews for my options much appreciated!

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