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Baby jogger city mini standard or GT?

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blushingmare Fri 31-Jul-15 20:20:54

Sorry a lazy "haven't done any research so ask MN" post here...

Am finally going to get rid of my hated Maclaren and get a second hand (single) baby jogger, but am not sure whether to go for the GT. it seems much more expensive, even second hand.

DS is one and will be our last DC. We live in a rural area and walk lots, sometimes taking a back pack, for shorter, less cross country walks taking the buggy. One of our favourite buggy walks I have done with of BJCM double and it's ok, but could be better. But the rest of the time will use the buggy for around town etc so it needs to be compact enough and sensible for that.

Is the GT worth the extra
money? Is it much better on rough ground and how rough could it go? Is it nippy enough to also be an around town buggy?How does the folded size compare - I assume it would still fit into the back of my Ford Focus? (The double does,so I would hope so!)

moggle Fri 31-Jul-15 21:04:32

I can't make the comparison as haven't pushed the standard city mini, but my GT is really nippy, it is soooo easy to push and turn, and on a pavement or shopping centre it's just amazing. Easily pushed with one hand. I honestly couldn't really imagine an easier push. On less manicured surfaces it still does very well but we haven't tried really muddy fields.
We fit it in the boot of our 07 Focus easily and better yet, it fits behind the driver seat even when 5'11" DH is driving (wheels pointing up). So useful for a holiday when we need to cram the boot full (though obviously only while we have just the one DC in a car seat).

Imperialleather2 Fri 31-Jul-15 21:57:41

We've got a gt and it's amazing. We tried out both in the shop. We went tor the gt as it's better for bumpy surfaces. Worth the money Imo so lovely to push around town.

We swapped our maclaren for the gt and have never looked back.

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