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Travel System / Lie-Flat Car Seat Recommendations

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ChSaxon Thu 16-Jul-15 14:29:30

Hi, I'm new smile

I've just found out that I'm expecting my first child, it's very exciting, but scary as I'm a bit clueless. Lots of reading to do, but I was hoping that someone could recommend a travel system that'd be suitable for our busy(ish) life.

At the moment my daily routine is drop my partner off at work (about 10 mins away), stop via the park on the way home to walk the dogs (about 45-60 mins), go home. Later I have to collect my step son from school, and later again I collect my partner from work. Also the odd trip to the supermarket. I expect things might change a bit when baby comes, but as it stands at the moment, he/she would be using the car seat/push chair for around 2 hours a day, 3 times a week. The rest of the time I'll just be at home.

I saw the Doona car seat/pushchair which looked like an ideal solution but having read reviews, I found that a newborn needs to lie flat. So I'm looking for a lie flat travel system, which can be changed when they get older to a normal pushchair. I've seen some lie flat carriers that can be used as a car seat, but are they as safe as a normal car seat?

Obviously I want baby to be safe in the car, but I don't want all the travelling that we do to effect his/her development. Ideally something that I can just get out the car and pop on the wheels without waking baby up would be great. So a lie flat car seat that can be attached to wheels would be great, then we'd need a normal car seat when he/she is older and a normal pushchair seat. So many options!

Or maybe I'm over thinking things and our routine isn't that unusual so no need for special kit...

Help smile

Frolicacid Sun 19-Jul-15 18:44:48

Have a look at the Jane trider with the matrix lie flat car seat. It does everything you're asking for and is all terrain, which should be great for dog walking. Our baby isn't here yet, so no personal experience. Two of my friends have used one and love it. It does have very good safety and useage reviews if you have a Google.

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