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Bugaboo Cam 3, Uppababy Vista or I candy Peach 3 Off Road - HELP!

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Smeggle81 Thu 16-Jul-15 10:33:00


I'm a FTM and new to all this and am in a real buggy pickle. We're totally torn between the Bugaboo Cam, Uppababy Vista & I Candy Peach 3.

We live in the country on a dirt track and have a gravel driveway so we're looking for something that is good off road, however I think I'll be using it a lot to pop to the city/local villages in the car and potter about/do the shopping etc so we need something that can tackle both.

We really like the Bugaboo sturdiness and the fact it looks good off road and packs up quite well. Down sides are tiny carrier underneath.

I love the Vista and it's little sunscreen roof, the height and the fact that you can see the baby and it may ultimately convert to be a duo, also the carrier is massive and I think I might use it a lot as hate the idea of having millions of bags hanging everywhere. The downside is the wheels, I've heard mixed reviews about these and think they might annoy me on gravel and off road.

The alternative new in is the I candy Peach off road/jogger, the pros are it has three wheels (which my husband is obsessed with) and it's got a big carrier but everyone seems to prefer Vista & Bug Cam and it doesn't have a very good hood to cover the baby in the wind/rain. With the exception of the wheels I'm not sure it has as much going for it and the carrycot seems very small. Husband is 6.1 so we may have tall baby.

Any help would be amazing, I am so confused and we've started rowing about buggies which seems insane!

Thank you!

NishyM Thu 16-Jul-15 21:43:06

I have the 4 wheel version of the Peach so can't comment on the 3 wheel but I cannot recommend my one highly enough - really sturdy yet pushes really easily, I find it perfect for town life with frequent trips to the country. It has height adjusters which is great as my OH is also tall, also I have not had problems with the hood as you can unzip it at the back and adjust it.

TheLondonMum Thu 23-Jul-15 10:21:59

We have the Uppababy vista, and that basket is a god send. The pram is brilliant on all terrain as well. I went for the Uppababy as I knew I was going to have a tall baby (which he is), and I still use it now when we go anywhere off road and he's the side of a 2 year old.

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