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Opinions wanted on Baby jogger city mini / Armadillo city / graco evo mini

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ExtremelyStubbornAndSuspicious Sat 11-Jul-15 22:34:17

I want a lightweight pram to replace my travel system and I'm trying to decide between these 3.

I want something small and light but with a decent sized seat, hood and basket, and can be pushed one handed. DS likes a bumper bar to hold but this is not essential.

The city mini, armadillo city and evo mini seem to be the best fit, although only the city mini has the option of a bumper bar.
Anyone got any advice on these 3?

superbfairywren Mon 13-Jul-15 17:43:19

I have a graco evo mini but don't know much about the others. I love it.. If it had an adjustable handlebar and a viewing window in the hood I think it would be nearly perfect. The basket is huge, I love the clicky hood and the seat is large and comfortable for my dd. I know lots of reviews don't like the harness as it is a five point breakaway one but I think most of these types of pushchair have the same and it doesn't bother me at the moment.

superbfairywren Mon 13-Jul-15 17:45:33

Meant to say if I was buying new now I would look at the joie litetrax, I tried it in mother care and really fell for it. You can get 3 and 4 wheel versions, massive hood, big basket, full recline, bumper bar and footmuff included and it folds ridiculously easily with a strap pull in the seat. I got my graco secondhand but if I was looking the joie would be my choice.

Piewife Fri 24-Jul-15 06:57:37

I've got an Armadillo city and its great smile Lo is really comfy in it, it feels sturdy and the fold is very compact. It has a nice big hood with a viewing window and a decent basket. I like that the seat fabric is on the inside when it's folded too. Would definitely recommend.

fruitpastille Fri 24-Jul-15 07:06:27

I have the evo mini. I find it hard work to push and steer and get up and down kerbs. I would not recommend.

StrawberryMojito Fri 24-Jul-15 07:19:21

I love my baby jogger citi mini. It's easy to put up and down, fits in my small car boot, easy to push and it has a huge hood/ sun visor with 2 windows in (as it can extend to 2 different lengths). I've just bought the belly bar for it but haven't used it yet.

Christelle2207 Fri 24-Jul-15 07:22:57

I have a bjcm and recommend it highly. Only thing to be wary about is the basket is not particularly good-
But I am comparing with my uppababy which IMO has the biggest basket of all.

bberry Fri 24-Jul-15 07:25:03

I have the baby jogger mini... I love it, I bought the tray too and dd loves it!

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