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Hauck condor - is carry cot suitable as a bed?

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WaitingForWineOClock Sat 11-Jul-15 12:14:54

I'm thinking of getting the Hauck condor travel system for my impending arrival. My intention is to purchase the separate x frame so that I can use the carry cot from the system as baby's bed for the first few months (ie instead of a moses basket).

This seems to be a cheaper solution plus I'm thinking that the carry cot might be a bit bigger than a moses basket and therefore last a bit longer.

Can anyone who has this system let me know if there's any reason I shouldn't do this?

Thank you!

dancewiththetreedoug Sun 12-Jul-15 15:39:26

Hi OP, we had this pram for our first DC.
I can't see why it wouldn't be suitable, although I'm not sure if the carrycot's are recommended for overnight sleeping? (something to do with the air flow through the sides?) but the base is nice and firm and the mattress was cosy and soft. In comparison to a moses basket I think they were probably about the same size.
Hope this helps grin

Ihateparties Sun 12-Jul-15 20:01:53

There are a very few carrycots approved for overnight sleeping, the condor isn't one of them. I'm not sure what the exact standards are but ventilation is definitely one of them.

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