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Any bugaboo experts around?

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LittleBairn Fri 10-Jul-15 09:12:26

Any bugaboo experts?

I bought my bugaboo cam 3 2nd hand it was in perfect condition and got a great bargain.

3 months on the handle/chassis seems to have broken. The left side seems to bounce more and just seems weaker.
I thought I was being paranoid but my mum noticed it straight away the other day too.

Has anyone come across this problem before?
Am I right thinking I need to buy a brand new chassis?
DH doesn't think it's a fatal flaw but I'm not sure I want to risk my PFB in it long term.

I have red fabric and the hood is faded I was planning after the summer to buy a new hood because it's really windy where I live plus I would prefer the extending hood.
Is there a better non fading colour? I was thinking the black looked smart but don't know of that will fade fast.

Between a new chassis and hood at £350 I'm almost wondering if I should sell mine for parts and buy another brand new.

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